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Buy and Create Your Own Wood Photo Frame - Best Price

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Ordering Wood Photo Frame printing can be done online from anywhere and anytime. Order and design your Wood Photo Frame as desired.
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You can make a payment for a Wood Photo Frame with many choices, either through bank transfers or credit cards. Choose as you wish.
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Make Your Photos And Paintings More Beautiful With Wooden Frames

What is a picture frame?

Photo frames (frames) or commonly referred to as frames are a place that is used to install, protect and display images and photos to others through attractive decorative. Usually, photo frames have a size that fits with photo paper, such as A3, A4 and others, and has a rectangular shape, both horizontally and vertically. However, the actual size and shape can be made alone to be different from the others. Photo frames are often referred to as having artistic value when viewed from the decoration. Therefore, it is very suitable for beautifying a photo documentation.

How to choose interesting wooden photo frames?

1. Adjust the color of the frame with the photo to be displayed

Color is one element that will make photos or paintings in your home look more attractive. Because, color will make the frame has psychological value when seen by someone. When photos are bright, beautiful photo frames that are used are better dark. This will make the photo seem warm, calm and prominent. If the photo has a sharp enough color, you can choose a natural frame color like white, to make it look sweet.

2. Choose based on what you want to display

Choosing a picture frame is about what you want to display on it. It should not be arbitrary to choose colors and shapes, because this will worsen the quality of the photos or release them on display. This choice is very important, so that the photos or paintings on display look interesting and like telling stories. Options that also make it easier to determine the right photo frame according to your needs. When it comes to photo frame stores, you will meet with lots of choices. Ranging from ordinary photo frames to unique photo frames. Includes photo frames with ornaments, carvings, or distinctive motifs. For example photo frames in the form of Vespa motors, heart shapes, designs like trees, and so on.

3. Where will you put the photo?

Consider where you will hang or put a picture frame? This photo placement will affect the selection of the right frame. For example, if you want to make a photo gallery in the living room, a good picture frame should be in harmony with the interior theme, have good quality, and be able to provide additional aesthetic value.

What is the price of a wooden photo frame?

Speaking of prices, wooden photo frames are relatively more expensive because the manufacturing process is not easy. However, this can be adjusted based on the size of the photo frame you want. For the cheapest, there is a price of Rp. 147,000 with a size of 20 x 20 cm. Cheap prices for the best quality are all in PrintYuk.

What type of wood is right for a photo frame?

There are more than 20 types of pine wood with different species names. The type of pine wood that is often used and is generally known to have good quality there are 2 types of pine wood, namely Radiata Pine and Pinus Merkusii.

  • PINUS RADIATA (Radiata Pine) -> Growing Area: Australia (740 thousand hectares), Chile (around 1.3 million hectares), New Zealand (1.2 million hectares), South Africa and America. The largest forest for wood is known to be from Chile. Some exporters also come from New Zealand but not purely plantation. Usually New Zealand exports wood in the form of S2S or S4S.

  • PINUS MERKUSII (Merkus Pine) -> Growing area: Southeast Asia includes Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Laos. The largest is in the area of Sumatra in the area between Mount Kerinci and Gunung Talang. In the Philippines it is in the area of Mount Mindoro.

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