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Other Wallpaper Options

Everything - Complete Wall Wallpaper That Turns You More Efficient in Room Decoration.

You may often visit one of the star hotels or an office in the artsy style of millennials. The design of the room that is quite attractive, luxurious or unique is sure to make you feel at home for long there and not reluctant to return. Do you want to have a unique cafe-style decoration today or a luxury hotel but is constrained by a budget or price? The answer you are looking for is a wall wallpaper.

Wallpaper walls or often called wallpaper is a wall decoration in the form of a paper roll that has a variety of motifs and colors. Many people choose their wallpaper against wall paint because wall wallpaper is very easy to install, and does not smell. Wall wallpapers are also a favorite because it does not require a long time to install and is very easy for you to change when you are bored with that room's decoration.

Besides that the price is relatively cheap compared to wall paint, wall wallpaper does not need complicated maintainance. Enough with a wet cloth or chamois You can clean at least once a month to keep your wall wallpaper cleaner and look new.

A brief history of wall wallpapers

Around 200 BC in China wall wallpapers were found. Initially only a paper and decorated with pictures of hands in the form of flowers and birds using ink and taped using rice. It sounds very simple but this first wall wallpaper illustrates religious symbols. Formerly wallpaper walls were often symbolized as a symbol of prosperity in China.

Type of Wall Wallpaper Material

Along with the development of the times and the rise of unique hangout places, we must continue to create something new at a minimum cost.

Wall wallpapers are one solution. But before that, let us first identify what types and materials for wall wallpaper before you click check the price on the button above.

1. Pure Backing Wallpaper or Paper Wallpaper

This wallpaper made from paper may be the cheapest material compared to other materials.

But seeing its lack of resistance, aka easy to tear, wallpaper made from paper is less recommended for those of you who want to apply it to your room for a long time. You can use it in a gimmick event or booth when your company opens an exhibition or so on.

2. Non Waven Wallpaper

Wall wallpapers made of non woven material. Non woven wallpaper is rarely found in Indonesia, because the price is too high and the installation is relatively more complex and complex compared to vinyl wallpaper.

The advantages of Non woven wallpaper is that this wallpaper can be moved to place after a long time is installed.

3. Vinyl Backing Wallpaper or Wallpaper Vinyl

Wall wallpapers made of vinyl. This wallpaper made of vinyl is the type of Wall Wallpaper that we find the most in this Beloved Country in Indonesia. Besides the affordable price, Vinyl backing wallpaper also has a relatively longer resistance. Suitable to be applied to all spaces in your home, starting from the living room, bedroom, workspace, family room to the home kitchen.

There are several types of vinyl wallpapers that are distinguished based on the back layer. Some are coated with kertaa and cloth. Vinyl coated paper behind it has durability and high flexibility. Flexible height is meant that this vinyl wallpaper material is easily bent so it is also easy to apply to the curve like a small fold in the area around the door or window openings. The other type is cloth-coated vinyl.

This type of wallpaper that is light-duty has the advantage of being resistant to damp walls. There are also other types of medium-heavy duty which have a slightly higher quality than the type mentioned earlier. This type of wall wallpaper is suitable to be applied to the area of the wall area with a fairly dense level of activity such as in public areas such as hotels, hospitals, offices, corridors, and so on.

4. Fabric Backing Wallpaper

If you like luxury royal-style concepts you can use this type of wallpaper. Wallpaper made of fabric type. These types of wallpapers are rarely found, and are mostly made by order. The price of Fabric Backing Wallpaper is very high.

Because it is made from knitted material which is usually very thick. Application during installation is also more complicated and heavy. Glue Wallpaper that is used too must be special Glue Wallpaper to support this Fabric Wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is widely used in the Royal Palace in ancient times.

5. Heavy Duty Paper

This wall wallpaper was developed in the nineteenth century with a famous brand at that time, namely Anaglypta and Lincrusta (Akmal, 2009). Seen from the naming, wallpaper of this type of material has a strong nature because heavy duty itself has the literal meaning "heavy duty". Wallpaper with a type of heavy duty material is the first wallpaper that can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

There are types of wallpaper that are given the motif of embossment (emboss) and have a layer of linen on the back. These thick characteristics have other features such as being able to be given a coat of paint. Thus, you can change the color of the wall that has been coated wallpaper without having to peel or buy a new wallpaper

6. Fabric

Fabric wallpaper has a variety of motifs that are also quite interesting. But unlike the previous wallpaper, the installation and maintenance of this wallpaper requires a special method. That's because this wallpaper made from fabric tends to get tangled easily. Wallpaper made from this fabric has characteristics similar to general fabrics such as silk fabrics, weaving, cotton, linen. This wallpaper made from fabric has a variety of motifs, textures, and various colors.

For wallpaper that comes from a very fine fabric, it needs extra precision in the installation so that it is not damaged. One of them is with a special base paper. For this reason, it should be carried out by pairs of experts who are experts and experienced in their fields. From the look, the wallpaper made from fabric is clearly impressed elegant, different from the wallpaper in general. The surface feels different when touched.

7. Foil

For those of you who want to create a glossy effect, foil wallcoverings are the right choice. The gloss effect is obtained from a layer of tinfoil mounted on the surface of the wallpaper. But the drawback is that the wallpaper is made of thin foil so it is easily torn and of course it will be difficult when the installation process.

Because this foil sheet is thin, it is recommended that it be installed on a wall with a smooth surface. Avoid installing this type of wallpaper on rough and uneven walls. This one wallpaper may be quite rare. But for those of you who want to create a shiny effect, foil wallpaper can be an option. Unfortunately, this wallpaper is fairly thin. Therefore, you must be careful when you want to use it.

8. Velvet

If you want the impression of elegance and warmth, the velvet wallpaper is the answer. This wallpaper is made of wool fiber combined with paper or cloth. Because there is a velvet effect on this wallpaper, velvet wallpaper is very well adopted in classic decorations.

This type of wallpaper contains materials derived from wool fiber, both made from paper or made from fabric. Wool fiber causes a velvet effect on the surface of the wallpaper. This wallpaper is popular because it comes in classic, retro and contemporary shades. Velvet impressions make colors change and display elegance. Very luxurious and elegant to decorate and create a different atmosphere in your room!

Price of wall wallpapers

Many of our clients ask about the price of wall wallpaper per meter or which wall wallpaper per roll is cheaper? Which Eficient? etc

For that, let us discuss. Actually the price of the wallpaper is the same, the only difference is the calculation method. Wall wallpapers generally have an area of 5 square meters at a price (ex: Rp. 100,000, - / Roll)

If you want to calculate the Price of Wall Wallpaper Per Meter, the price is only divided by 5. So at a price of Rp 100,000, - / Roll, you will get the price per meter is Rp. 20,000.

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