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Cheap Wall Calendar Printing Services in Jakarta

Wall Calendar Printing Service

Why Need a Wall Calendar for Promotion?
People tend to throw away business cards, but few throw away wall calendars. They usually hang it on their office walls, the calendar will indirectly "remind" your business and what you have to offer.

Some advantages of a wall calendar:
- It's never lost to times
- Must be used
- Attracted by many people
- Being an effective and useful promotional media

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After your wall calendar has been produced, the items will arrive at your place quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

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Wall Calendar Is an Effective Marketing Tool, Don't Believe?

If you ask if there is one marketing tool that is used and needed by many people and must be used, the answer is a wall calendar. The wall calendar will effectively maintain the promotion of your brand in the eyes of potential customers throughout the year, directly proportional to the useful life of a calendar that generally lasts for 1 year.

Why is it effective, because it is seen not only in terms of its usability but also in terms of the print calendar wall prices which are quite affordable when compared to advertising on TV or on billboards.

Is the Promotional Calendar Really Useful?

A wall calendar is still very successful as a marketing tool and is not consumed by the development of the digital age, you are not sure?

In this paperless digital era, paper calendars are still in power in the arena of promotional products. Not sure how effective the marketing calendar really is?

PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) has an interesting statistical report on how effective a wall calendar is as a marketing tool for a product:

"For all promotional tools, a calendar is a very effective promotional tool. According to statistics from questionnaires collected from people who have a calendar named from one of the brands:

- 75% of people can remember the brand name

- 77% can remember the product or service advertised

- 77% have made transactions at companies that have provided the calendar

- 78% plan to reorder with the company

It can be concluded that people who are happy to receive promotional tools are in the form of wall calendars, and are heavily implicated to get ROI. "

Make your own wall calendar style

Currently calendar printing services have been widely circulating in Indonesia. Print your wall calendar with the characteristics of your own brand. Because it's an effective way to make it easier for people to remember your brand. In addition, it can also help strengthen your brand identity.

When customers can remember your brand easily, you get customer loyalty. And, even if someone is not yet a customer, they might be one of them! when they look at your promotional calendar, it will help them remember you and want to buy or work with your business.

Tips how to design a promotional calendar effectively:

Consistency, consistency in calendar design is one of the marketing strategies so that other people more easily remember your brand. Many business people are not consistent with the way they design their marketing tools.

Besides that there are also some other tips that you can follow, as follows :

- Place the logo as best you can, make sure other people know this wall calendar is your gift

- Place "Call to Action" such as, solicitation to join seasonal events, special offers, telephone numbers, and website URLs

- Direct people to your social media and suggest them to "follow" you

- Remind your customers of all upcoming events they can attend

- Include flyers or infographics

- Mention promotional material, exclusive to calendar recipients

- Consider using a voucher that can be used for promo redemption throughout the year

How to determine the calendar printing service that is right for you

After you read all of our explanations about how good and effective a wall calendar is as a promotional tool, this time we will discuss some tips that will certainly be useful for those of you who want to start printing your own dindind calendar.

Tips :

- Make sure your calendar print reputation is trusted

Reputation is one of the important foundations for determining whether you can trust the calendar print service or not? How?

Look at the history, if you find one of the printing websites, see the section about us. Or see client testimonials that have collaborated with these cheap printing services. For example if you see a section about us from printyuk.com, then there is the word "more than 30 years experience" attached. From those 1 sentence, we can be sure that this cheap calendar printing service in Jakarta is very reliable.

- Make sure reservations aren't difficult

Times are digital, even though the product you ordered is not a digital product but the ordering method can be made digital and very easy. Surely it takes a long time to come to the place, submit files, wait for the queue, and discuss directly with the operator.

Shorten your order time online, now one of the things you should pay attention to from wall calendar print providers is whether they accept bookings online? If so then it is the right partner for you.

- Make sure the items can be sent directly to your place

Convenience is a solution that you must pay attention to once again to determine the wall calendar printing service that is right for you. Delivery is one time-consuming process if its effectiveness is not taken into account.

If your printing place does not want to make shipments and requires that you come to get your own order, it's better to forget it because it won't be suitable for you who want orders to be quickly accepted. Also it will take a lot of time to take your own order.

With these 3 important points, we can promise that you will get perfect service if those 3 points are owned by a cheap calendar printing service in Jakarta. And we Printyuk.com is a printing service that has 3 points, not only that we also provide other facilities.

If you do not want to be bothered and lazy to just do 3 steps order on our website. Enter the "B2B printing solution" page to register there, so we will approach you and clean up all the printing needs from your office.

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