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Quality and Cheap Vinyl Sticker Printing Services

Why Do You Need a Sticker?
The unique quality of stickers can add to the attractiveness of consumers to buy your product. In general, stickers function in increasing the selling value of a product and as a media for product information to customers or consumers.

Some of the advantages of vinyl sticker printing:
- Attractive, as creative as possible
- Easy to carry
- Can be used in any field
- Can be a versatile promotional media

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Fast workmanship
Your vinyl sticker printing process will be done professionally and quickly just in a matter of hours
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Online Ordering
Sticker printing process can be done online wherever and whenever. Order and design your sticker as you wish.
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Printyuk.com is a trusted printing company for more than 30 years
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Various Payment Options
You can pay for your cheap vinyl stickers with many choices, either by bank transfer or credit card. Choose the right one.
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Ease of Delivery
After the sticker print has been produced, the item will reach you quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

How to Print Quality Vinyl Stickers at PrintYuk.com

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Search for Needs in PrintYuk
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Completed, item sent !

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Vinyl Stickers As Media Marketing

What is Vinyl Sticker Material

Vinyl stickers are one of the stickers that are widely used today. Vinyl is a material that is basically made of plastic and is very flexible. Vinyl material has a glossy side, is resistant to water, and has good durability. For those of you who want to print stickers using this material and want to look more elegant, it can be coated with a layer of doff.

The prices of making vinyl stickers are various kinds, but on printyuk.com you can print vinyl stickers starting from Rp21,000 the size of A3 and includes shipping costs.

Do you know ?

For more than 65 years, stickers have helped many elected politicians, build company images, build brands, advertise, start conversations, and increase exposure. But even though it is durable and has low production costs, in fact it is unable to get the attention of more marketers and business people. Here are seven reasons you should not ignore this vinyl sticker marketing media that has proven to be strong and low cost.

1. Not Just a Tape on the "Rear of the Car"

Stickers are no longer just "patches on the car". Currently the use of vinyl stickers has exceeded that, many of them use promotional stickers with various shapes and sizes, to be applied to laptops, water bottles, signs, windows, and anywhere.

2. The form of "old school" of Social Media

Promotional stickers are physical or "off-line" forms from social media. People like, post, use, tag, and use stickers long before the internet. If your vinyl sticker printing is designed and distributed correctly, stickers are branding weapons with low production costs, can attract people's attention, and can be conversations from mouth to mouth of other people.

3. Kekuatan Word-Of-Mouth

Masih berfikiran kalau marketing off-line Is it outdated, or not as effective as social media? Think again. Recent studies show that 90% of people trust word of mouth recommendations through people they know (Nielsen). And, 90% of word of mouth about certain products is done through off-line (Keller Fay Group). But precisely, promotional media such as vinyl stickers, which are widely used to improve and strengthen off-line marketing (as well as on-line) are often ignored by many business people. And that is a fatal mistake.

4. Often considered not "advertising"

The strength of sticker printing lies in the fact that when stamped, stickers are not considered adverts at all. Rather, it is more obsessed, such as recommendations, moral messages, organizational forms, or even personal touches. So without realizing it, if the sticker design that you make is also good, it will be a good messenger and branding for others.

5. Interesting "gift"

Want to be given directly, or sent together with your product, the design of quality vinyl sticker printing will have a higher value than other promotional media (Business card, brochures, flyers, etc.). Vinyl stickers will be more equated as gifts than "marketing" media. And, like marketing products, stickers will be more difficult to dispose of as soon as they can involve the recipient ... like an example "Where can I put this?"

6. Stickers can be promoted in many ways

Aside from being a media branding and efforts to increase exposure, stickers can also be used in other ways to improve and strengthen marketing programs. For example, you can share cool writing stickers for free, which must get the name and the number no.tlp to get it. For this one method you can also promote online on social media to get more data. Stickers can strengthen the community and awareness of certain messages. Promotion through vinyl sticker printing that is successful or interesting can produce excellent PR. And much more…

7. Stickers can be separate merchandise

A print of vinyl stickers that are well designed and attractive can be a product that you can sell separately. Brand names, logos, taglines, or icons can get their own fans. You don't have to be a legendary band The Beatles the only popular one is to be able to make stickers and sell them.

If your brand is unique, and has a fanatical market, it's certainly not just your product that is hunted. Print vinyl stickers that display your logo will definitely be sought by many people. For example, one of the super brands Supreme, they were able to sell 1 vinyl sticker at a price of IDR 800,000 / sheet. Especially if the design is limited, the price offered can exceed that.

In short, marketing is about relationships; communicate what makes you unique and valuable to people who will benefit and are willing to use your product. Stickers can be used in a number of ways to strengthen that bond and encourage the marketing of your business to spread more.

Therefore, marketing media using stickers is very useful. Because you can get a great exposure with the price of a relatively cheap sticker print. But keep in mind, like a promotional media or advertisement, marketing and producing vinyl sticker printing also requires planning, desain stiker, and proper deployment to maximize its effectiveness.

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