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We provide various types of umbrellas, such as folding umbrellas, standard umbrellas, golf umbrellas. the umbrella we made is full custom, because we make umbrellas from the frame stage, so we can adjust it to desi.

Some of the Advantages of Umbrella :
- Easy To Personalize
- The price is affordable
- Protecting You From Rain
- Unique Merchandise for You and Colleagues

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Other Umbrella Options

Get to know your promotional umbrella for your souvenir client

Umbrella is an important object used during the rainy season. Although its function is not as maximal as a raincoat that can protect clothing from wet rain, the umbrella can protect the head so that it does not get wet and affects the weakening of the body. The umbrella itself is used in temporary activities with a level of rain that is not too heavy.

Not only that, the umbrella is also able to protect you from the hot sun when the day comes. Living in a tropical country will certainly feel the name of the sun in the afternoon, especially in the summer. This heat is certainly not good for the head and skin if exposed directly. For this reason, you can use an umbrella when walking in the hot sun.

The function of the umbrella is also increasingly being improved with various types of models. Not only for humans, umbrellas can also be used to protect some objects or vehicles that are under the sun. Types of umbrellas such as car umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and umbrella hats are a series of umbrella models that are now widely used.

In addition to protecting themselves from rain and heat, the umbrella can also be used to decorate or beautify a room. You can use decorative umbrellas as decorations in a room, room, until the place that is being held. This function certainly adds to the umbrella function that can be used for various types of activities.

Types of Promotional Umbrellas

Golf Umbrella

This umbrella is usually called a jumbo umbrella because it's indeed a large size compared to the umbrellas we've seen so far. With a size of 30 inches, this umbrella can be used to shade the body of several people at once. With this large size, your brand also looks bigger

Golf Umbrella Specifications

- Frame : manual open & close
- Diameter: ± 130 cm (after opening)
- Length: 120cm
- Handle: plastic pedal, cobra, wood
- Frame: double frame
- Finger count: 8 bones
- Fabric: Thick Polyester

Standard Umbrella

This standard umbrella is an umbrella that we usually see on the streets. These umbrellas are preferred because they are of the right size, not too big and not too small so that they are suitable to be used as a means of promotion / advertising of your company. Standard umbrellas suitable for use by people who are practical and do not want to be complicated because they have to tidy up the folds of the umbrella. Standard umbrellas are also available in 2 types, namely plain and silver / combination fabrics.

Standard Umbrella Specifications

- Frame: manual open & close
- Diameter: 110 cm (after opening)
- Closed length: 75cm
- Handle: straight, curved wood

Folding Umbrellas 2 and 3

If you want a promotional umbrella that is small and simple when taken everywhere, folding umbrellas are the solution. Folding umbrella consists of 2 types, namely 2 folding umbrella and folding umbrella 3. The difference between the two is the size, the folding umbrella 2 measuring 16 inches, while the folding umbrella 3 measuring 10 inches.

Folding Umbrella Specifications 3

- Frame: 8 black fingers
- Fabric: thick nylon
- Umbrella diatemer: 110cm
- Handle: plastic

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