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Why Do You Need a Tumbler?
Not just bringing drinks while exercising, but the benefits of tumbler now can also be used as a means of promotion or merchandise souvenirs so that it can be distributed to increase awareness of prospective customers.

Some of the advantages of Custom Sports Tumbler:
- Design and materials can be adjusted
- As a customized promotional tool for customers
- Can be used as souvenirs / company merchandise

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Reasons for the Importance of Using a Tumbler for Human Life

One of the things that always accompanies you in activities such as working, traveling or exercising is to bring your favorite drink. Often this favorite drink is always kept in temperature for a long time so that it always stays cold and hot. That's why drink bottles or what we often call Tumblers are needed to be carried everywhere.

In addition to its main function to maintain the temperature of the drinks we carry, it turns out that the tumbler also makes it easier for us to store water reserves when traveling or exercising. For now the tumbler has a variety of designs, colors, or shapes according to their needs. Before discussing its utilization, let's see first how to choose the right tumbler.

How to choose the right tumbler

Before buying a tumbler, it helps you pay attention to the ability to function the tumbler. If the tumbler is used to store coffee, look for a tumbler that can hold heat for a long time. And if the tumbler is just to put a drink that is not warm or even cold like a sports tumbler, it's a good idea to choose a tumbler that fits your grip or need when you exercise.

Berikut Here's how to choose the right tumbler:

  • Able to keep drinks at temperature. Out there, the shape and design of the tumbler vary, the materials used also vary. But it's a good idea to bring a tumbler that suits your activities. For example, at work, you need a stainless tumbler to keep the warmth of the coffee you carry.

  • Order a spill-proof tumbler.Tumblers have a variety of designs and shapes, but make sure that you choose a tumbler that has a tight lid so that if you want to carry a tumbler everywhere, never worry that your drink will spill. This condition of choice is suitable for sports tumblers, where of course you always carry it in sports activities such as cycling.

  • Select the appropriate tumbler capacity. The last thing to consider in selecting a tumbler is to see the capacity needed. If you like to exercise, choose a sports tumbler that is not too big and not too small. This is recommended because when you exercise, you can always carry the tumbler. Another advantage of carrying a tumbler while exercising will be discussed in the next section.
  • Benefits of Bringing a Tumbler When Exercising

    Without realizing it, there are many benefits that can be obtained when carrying a tumbler from home to exercise, here are 3 benefits of carrying a sports tumbler:

    • Avoid dehydration. At present the weather conditions in Indonesia are difficult to predict, sometimes rain, sometimes hot so you need enough water. Especially if when you exercise, your body will automatically lose water. Therefore, before you become dehydrated, it's a good idea to provide a drink in your sports tumbler so you can drink it immediately if you experience fatigue.

    • Save cost. Very often if you exercise and forget to bring a tumbler, you usually buy bottled water, which is quite expensive for one drink. Imagine if every time you exercise, you have to spend money to buy a bottle of bottled water. It's a good idea to prepare your sports tumbler that has been filled with drinking water and bring it to you during exercise.

    • Reducing packaging bottle waste. Not only for humans, but carrying a tumbler while exercising is beneficial to the environment. If you carry a sports tumbler, you have helped protect the environment from the pollution of plastic waste that is already dangerous. Besides that, bottled garbage can also cause flooding when you throw it away carelessly.

    Tumblr material

    In addition to understanding how to choose the right tumbler and its use when exercising, you should now also understand some types of tumbler material that you will buy. There are 3 types of materials used as the basis for making tumblers, here are more:

    • Aluminum material. Tumblers made from this type have the advantage of the price that is still affordable and safe to use from hot liquids. But you should not bring boiling liquid into this tumbler, because the heat from the liquid can stick to the walls of the tumbler so you will still feel heat if you hold the tumbler.

    • Plastic Material. This type of tumbler has been sold in the market today. Usually this tumbler is indeed used as a means of promoting a company or brand. Very often this type of tumbler is used as a souvenir during the event at a company or product. In addition, this material can also be used for sports tumblers because the material is light when carried.

    • Stainless Steel Material.This type of material has the highest quality compared to others. Stainless steel is suitable for tumbler type thermos, so this type of tumbler is able to maintain the temperature of the drink you carry.

    To get the tumbler you are looking for, you can buy it at PrintYuk.com. We sell sports tumblers from a variety of materials and sizes that you can customize according to your needs. To be sure, the sports tumbler that you buy has guaranteed quality because PrintYuk.com always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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