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Why Do You Need Kids Tumbler ?
Kids Tumbler a beverage storage container that can be taken when you are outdoors. Usually made of BPA Free polypropylene plastic.

Some Advantages of Kids Tumbler :
- Easy To Personalize
- Affordable Price
- Unique Merchandise for You and Colleagues

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Other Kids Tumbler Options

Favorite Children's Tumbler

Now it's a bottle tumbler much in demand by the wider community both in the city and in the village. you can pay attention when approaching entering or returning to school, many children use tumbler bottles as containers for their drinking water. Tumbler is a container of drinking water that can be used repeatedly. In addition to saving money, it can also help the earth from excessive waste disposal.

It cannot be denied that we are garbage producers. Almost everyone produces almost one kilo of garbage every day with various types. Organic waste is quickly decomposed, but what about plastic waste is that the decomposition process is more than 100 years. Imagine if you throw away plastic bottles or other plastic containers carelessly. Of course this can damage the environment.

One of the most intense campaigns carried out by environmental and health practitioners is to promote waste reduction in various ways. For example, using a tumbler instead of a plastic drink bottle. This participation is not only intended for school children but also for other wider communities. It is hoped that with this campaign humans will become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Various kinds of children's tumbler souvenirs

Tumblers with various shapes and patterns are now often found in stores. You can choose the right one for your needs. For those of you who often travel or work in the field of course need enough drinking water so that the body remains in a fit condition. Lack of water can certainly make the body lack of fluids and reduce the level of concentration. For that, a large size tumbler is needed, for example 1.000ml. Tumblers with large and sturdy capacity sizes can be an option to save on purchasing bottled water every day.

For school children, both those who are in elementary school and high school, many like tumbler bottles by choosing the funny and pictorial forms of their idol characters. Bottles like this are a favorite because they are not only sturdy but also funny. Bottle caps that are not easily spilled are also an alternative choice because school children certainly have active physical activities. The tumbler bottle size that is suitable for school children ranges from 250-750ml because they will be outside the house for half or a full day.

Tumbler bottles can also be an option for mothers to replace their daily drinking water containers. The tumbler bottle with a slim shape is easily placed in the refrigerator so it saves space. There is also a tumbler that is used to store hot water, making it easier for mothers when traveling and must bring toddlers who are still breastfeeding. Bottle tumbler like this of course can help travel activities more enjoyable.

To make it easier for the public to get a tumbler bottle, now many company manufacturers sell tumbler souvenirs with various forms and varied prices. The number of tumbler bottles in circulation, of course, must still know the ingredients used to make it. There is a similarity between tumbler bottles as well as other bottled beverage bottles, namely having a triangular shaped logo on the bottom of the bottle. The point is to find out the type of material used to make the bottle. You can pay attention to the logo and numbers printed on it, for example PP for Polypropylene.

PP is widely used as a base for tumbler bottles because it is the best plastic material. This material does not expand quickly and decays when doused with hot water. Unlike PET / PETE which will break down when used multiple times. This material is often used by bottled water producers. Therefore it is recommended to use the bottle just once.

Here are some choices of children's tumbler souvenirs:

- Aluminum ACE

This type of product is the most popular bottle tumbler on the market, its simple shape and size that is not too large makes it much liked by prospective buyers, the color choices are also varied.

- Orlando Sport

This one is commonly used for exercise, this tiny bottle becomes very fitting in the grip. Makes the contents not too much so that it can provide a sense of comfort when carried out exercise.

- Laguna Black Insert Paper

Unlike other types, souvenir tumblers are not printed or even printed. But by inserting printing paper into the source. The advantage is that it can be added with full printing design.

- Sakura Vacuum

This product is made from aluminum which is more resistant to heat, from the outside it also seems stronger and cleaner, as well as a variety of color choices

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