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Blacu Tote Bag Print Service

Why Do You Need a Blacu Tote Bag ?
Besides being eco-friendly, Tote bags are one of the most popular models of bags, both for women and men. Therefore a tote bag can also be used as one of the most effective promotional media.

Some advantages of a tote bag blacu :
- Simple and Easy to Carry
- Cheap raw materials
- Attracted by many people
- Eco-Friendly

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Material, Function, and Complete History of Tote Bag Info

A variety of bags are located in the market, starting from sling bags, sling bags, handbags and much more. One bag that can be used by all people, both men and women, is a tote bag. Although the bag is the same as women's jewelry, but not so for this type of tote bag.

Tote bag is

In general tote bag is one of the types of portable bags. The beginning of the history of the tote bag dates back to the 1940s in the United States. Tote bags are becoming more and more fans because these bags are quite easy to carry, no need to be too difficult to need maintenance, and can accommodate a lot of luggage. So people don't need to use a large suitcase in the past to carry goods.

You could say a tote bag is one multifunctional bag. Suitable for men and women to travel. The shape of the tote bag is identical to a square sized tote bag with one large storage area. Because the nature of this bag is not easily damaged and easily recycled, there are now a lot of various types of cheap tote bags that you can get as a substitute for plastic..

Various types of materials used for tote bags

There are various types of materials commonly used to make this bag. Until you can use t-shirt material to make tote bags. But of course t-shirt material will not be as good and strong as it is if used to make tote bags.

Now we will let you know what types of materials are usually used to make tote bags

- Blacu

Blacu tote bag, is one type of tote bag that is easy to find. Making blacu tote bags is also relatively cheap and can even be made according to your order.

Blacu is a raw cloth made from cotton, why is it raw? Because indeed this Blacu cloth has not gone through any further stages. The process is only limited to knitting cotton yarn into sheets only.

Blacu materials are commonly used for flour packaging, rice wrapping, and can also be used as a painting field. Usually these Blacu ingredients are brownish in color, not yet bleached.

Along with the development of fashion, the calico fabric used to only be used as a place for flour and rice. Now it can be used as a tote bag. Because the price of this calico fabric is quite cheap. So many cheap tote bags that use calico ingredients as basic ingredients. Blacu tote bag is certainly very safe to use because the ingredients are natural, and can be used repeatedly.

- Canvas

Canvas material is actually not much different from the characters with calico materials, it's just that the canvas material tends to be thicker and stiffer.

Canvas material was originally made from straw fiber, but with the times, canvas material is now made of cotton or polyester. Canvas materials are widely used as a field of painting, because they are strong and not easily brittle with age.

But now canvas materials are widely used for fashion, including bags, shoes, jackets, etc. One use of canvas is for canvas tote bag, tote bags made of canvas are usually thicker, not easily damaged, and are slightly stiffer than calico materials.

- Spunbound

You could say this is the cheapest and the least strong material compared to calico and canvas materials. This spunbound material is a type of fabric that is arranged flat, such as sheets or nets. This material is not made as weaving as usual, but unites the fibers in a mechanical and chemical process.

Because the basic ingredients are environmentally friendly, and the results of the recycling process. So this spunbound material is also suitable if used as a cheap tote bag. Because it is more durable and easily recycled.

But most of the types spunbond tote bag this is very thin and easily torn if used to hold luggage that is quite heavy.

Tote bag function

- Daily Tote bag

We can be called a calico bag is one type of bag that is very versatile. This cheap calico tote bag can be used to carry your personal needs, if you are not the type to carry lots of things. Then the tote bag is your daily loyal friend.

The material for making tote bags that can and is easily recycled makes tote bag as an alternative choice to replace plastic. Remember that plastic takes 10 years to be recycled. While the calico bag does not take long to recycle. Because the main component of making calico materials is cotton.

- Tote bag for your business

Business is synonymous with branding, branding is built to provide awareness to people about the existence of our business. One of the media that can be used as branding is giving gifts to our prospective clients, or our clients.

Moreover, the gifts given are useful for other purposes. One that can be used as a promotional item is this calico tote. You just need a custom tote bag printed with your brand, then you can give all your prospective clients or clients for free.

If your client uses your tote bag for daily activities, you will automatically get effective free promotional media. Make sure the print area, logo, and business message that you want to convey look perfect in a tote bag.

Have you started and are interested?

Printyuk.com provides services for making cheap calico bags, can make units, and can also be made on a large scale. Of course negotiable prices are cheaper if the order is a lot.


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