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Hang Tags for clothing that displays brand, size, price, etc..

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- Showing That Your Business Is Professional
- Grow The Pride Of Your Brand
- Being a Difference With Other Brands

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Examples of Clothes Label Designs You Can Choose

Label clothing is a medium used to promote a fashion product also acts as the identity of the product on the market.

From the definition of clothing labels above, it can be concluded that clothing labels have an important role for your fashion products and can not be separated from the fashion products themselves and their existence is very much needed in the fashion world because of its large role in supporting the development of the fashion world.

And for those of you fashion producers who want to choose a clothing label as a medium to promote your product, here are some examples of clothing label designs that you can choose as your reference later, including the following:

Types of Clothes Label Design

1. Woven damask

Examples of clothing label designs are often referred to as knitting labels because they are made by means of knitting (damask) with basic materials in the form of fine woven threads so that they can produce clothing labels with a rather hard, fibrous texture, but still smooth to the touch.

The example of this product label is very suitable for adult clothing products and the way it is placed is very strategic, usually located on the neck of the clothing, on the arm, or on the outside on a clothing product because it looks exclusive and luxurious. And because of its exotic appearance, this damask woven label has a higher price compared to other labels but is comparable to the quality provided.

2. Satin Printing

Satin printing is an example of a clothing label design made of satin which has very soft and shiny properties so the sample label of this product is very suitable for children and baby products and for sleeping rooms that require softness and comfort.

The way to make this satin printing label is by printing it through a printer with ink that directly seeps into the satin fabric so that it produces a neat and clear design.

3. Satin Damask

Examples of this type of clothing label design are the same as satin printing labels, which are made of satin, but how to make it not printed by the printer but by knitting it on the satin fabric, so that it can produce neat and soft textured knits.

4. Hang Tag

This hang tag is an example of a clothing label design made of paper and how to make it by printing. This label is usually found hanging on the neck of the clothing with the help of a hook.

The installation process is very easy, it doesn't need to be sewn like other types of labels, but only using a tool in the form of a gun called tag gun, this hang tag can be directly installed on your product. This type of label is perfect for those of you who want a simple label, not complicated and easy but still interesting to see.

5. Taffeta

Examples of clothing label designs that are made by means of embroidery are able to produce a very neat and clear letter design.

6. Nilon

This nylon is an example of a clothing label design that is made through a printing process and usually this type of label is used for size and care labels.

Such is the example of a clothing label design that I can explain, maybe there are still many other label examples that we didn't have time to explain, hopefully it can be useful.

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