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Why Do You Need a Tent Card Print ?
You can see Tent Cards in restaurants and bars, can also be seen in stores, in museums, in movies, etc..

Some of the advantages of Tent Card :
- Branding For Your Business
- A Strong Marketing Tool
- Attracting The Attention Of Your Customers
- Efficient Ways to Deliver Information

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What Is a Tent Card?

'Tent Card'. Have you ever heard that? Maybe you've seen one but don't know what it's called. It doesn't matter if you have never seen a tent card or Tent Card. This article is about how you can take advantage of a table tent card or Tent Card to benefit your business.

Generally tent cards are made of one single sheet that folds into a triangular shape. The card looks like a tent, that's why it's called a tent card or tent card. The card is folded so that it can stand on a flat surface but allows people to see both sides.

Tent card is different from brochures because the inside of the tent card is empty. Tent Card will have a support at the bottom, but not always. The card can be mounted on a stand (metal or wood) or only placed on a flat surface. Vertical display is more common than horizontal.

Tent Card Size

Tent cards are available in various sizes, although the shape is always triangular. The size can be 4 inches x 6 inches, 4 x 8, 5 x 5.5, or 5 x 7. The width usually ranges from 2 to 3 inches. In almost every case, its height is greater than its length, and its length is greater than its width.

Design Tent Card Tips

If you want to use a tent card, the key fact to remember is that the tent card serves to advertise the company. They show your products, services, promos. Tent cards serve as a versatile marketing tool for personal and commercial use.

Don't put too much text or reading in your tent card, try to add images. An image makes tent cards interesting and interesting to readers. Of course, add your company logo for branding purposes.

You must enter the most important words in the large text. When you make a business card, the name must appear the biggest. If it's a product, you must emphasize the product name. If you show a discount, enter the value (free postage or 20% Off) in bold. Keep words to a minimum and make them beautiful, preferably using company colors.

Tent Card Placement

Restaurants are the most popular places for tent cards. They are placed at food and beverage companies' tables such as restaurants and cafes. For example, Baskin Robbins and Starbucks are two places where you can find tent cards.

Regional retail stores also often place tent cards, as well as boutiques and fitness centers. You might remember seeing a tent card at a hotel too. You can also see tent cards at weddings.

Tent Card Function

Different companies function the tent card for different reasons. Corporate companies can use tent cards to display new features or promotions. Restaurants and visitors will display new menu items or special offers on the tent card. Tent cards are also often used to signal when the table has been ordered or reserved.

Some stores offer information about new products at once with the help of tent cards. Can be for their own products if they are wholesalers or other people's products or retailers. Tent cards can be used to endorse products, services, sales offers, or information.

Tent card also functions as acalendars and you can have a list of important telephone numbers behind too. Other common uses are business card, to helps your brand awareness.

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