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Why Do You Need a Sticker ?
Stickers function as promotional media that stick to the packaging or product label. Give a certain identity to your trademark, so that consumers easily recognize and are interested in using it continuously.

Some of the advantages of vinyl sticker printing :
- Attractive, you can design it as creative as possible
- Easy to carry
- Can be used in any field
- Can be a versatile promotional media

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Learn the Unique Functions and Tips in Printing Stickers

Making stickers is one of the most widely used methods for some brands to give buyers free gifts.

For what is it used? For what big brands to spend, make stickers and give them free to buyers. Is this an effective way of promotion ?

Before going further, let's discuss stickers starting from :

Understanding and what is a sticker ?

Sticker is a media in the form of images or writings that are specifically designed for promotion and branding of a product. Stickers have two sides, the first side is the side coated with glue and can be attached anywhere. The second side is the side that will be printed or printed according to the desired design. Sticker printing is very popular nowadays because it can be designed uniquely.

Sticker functionat this time it can be applied in any media. The function of stickers can be used to be posted on the product or used for promotion. If it is affixed to the product, the sticker design can be used as information, and a marker of the originality of the product.

Although the information that can be displayed on a sticker is not much, this media is still much in demand. Because one of the advantages is that the design is easily made as creative as possible. Not only that, sticker materials are also many types, we will discuss in more detail in the discussion below.

In addition to the stickers affixed to the product, there is also a vinyl sticker made as a branding medium of the brand, we have discussed the problem branding strategy on our blog. Usually the sticker design is simple, only a logo or tagline of the brand. And generally these free stickers for branding are included in every purchase of the product.

Materials for making stickers

To print stickers, you can use a number of ingredients, from the different materials used. And the durability of a sticker also depends on the sticker material used.

Next we will discuss more about what sticker materials are commonly used :

- Vinyl

Vinyl stickers is one of the stickers that is widely used at this time. Vinyl is a material that is basically made of plastic and is very flexible. Vinyl has a terrain that is shiny, resistant to water, and has good durability. For those of you who want to print stickers using this material and want to look more elegant, it can be coated with a layer of doff.

The prices of making vinyl stickers are various kinds, but on printyuk.com you can print vinyl stickers starting from IDR 21,000 the size of A3 and includes shipping costs.

- Transparant

This transparent sticker material is made from plastic, unlike vinyl. This transparent sticker material is more rigid and not flexible. It is easier for blisters and thinner. But it is very good if applied directly to transparent glass or plastic products, such as food jars, drinking bottles, glasses, and so on

If you are interested, you can make transparent stickers starting at Rp. 21,000, the size of A3, and includes shipping costs on printyuk.com

- Paper

Yeah right, as the name suggests this one sticker material is made of paper. The difference is this paper sticker material has glue on the other side so it can stick. Usually this paper sticker is used for food branding. And taped wrapped in food, because it will give a natural impression on the food.

The price of making paper stickers is quite affordable, you only need to spend Rp. 59,000 in A1 size and includes shipping costs.

Sticker function

1. As a marker, symbol, or information

The first sticker printing function is a sign that something has been done for the product, or the product has passed the test, for example there are electronic products that have passed the endurance test, the stickers will be pasted through the endurance check. Stickers can also be used as information on how to use or maintain a machine. Usually this marker sticker is widely used in industrial products.

2. As a seal

The function of this one sticker is usually widely used in new products, as a sign that the product has never been used or has never been disassembled or serviced.

3. Advertising

One of the easiest, cheapest and most efficient ways to advertise is to make a sticker that contains signs, symbols or information about something they want to convey to others about the advertiser's product.

4. Art

Art, yes, the use of stickers can also be used to display art. For example, a sticker that reads jokes has been circulating recently. Or the art form of other stickers is when the sticker is applied to the body of the vehicle as a very diverse and colored artificial striping compared to the original factory.

5. Decoration

The function of stickers can also be used for decoration, especially the decoration of the room. Instead you love drawing your room or room with paint. It's better to just coat it with decoration stickers. Usually applied and made a room wall sticker to replace the role of paint. The advantage of using stickers is that they are easy to maintain and easy to replace.

(Unique Tips) How to Use Stickers as a Promotional Media

We have already mentioned above that one of the functions of stickers is as a medium of advertising or promotion of a brand. According to https://tech.co/ in one of the articles that discussed sticker printing.

There are someUnique tips for using stickers as promotional media, that is :

Business card with stickers that blend together

Almost all professionals must have business cards. But not all professionals have unique business cards and can attract interest from prospective clients. You better try one of the following tips. You can combine business cards with stickers.

We don't tell you to make business cards from stickers. Instead your business cards are combined with stickers. For example your company's "logo" on a business card is a sticker that can be removed and pasted wherever people want.

Interesting right?

Never forget the WiFi password here

If you are the owner of one of the places or cafes in urban areas, it never hurts to follow one of the tips for using the following unusual sticker printing. You can include your WiFi password under the sticker of your cafe logo. Besides being unique, this sticker can also be a very effective promotional media for your cafe.

Actually there are many more unique marketing tips that you can use in sticker printing products. Two of them that we have discussed above, now depend on your creativity in utilizing the sticker print.

Interesting isn't it? Let's wait, work with Printyuk.com, one of the cheap sticker making services in Jakarta


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