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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online Scratch card is a card equipped with a plastic protector to hide a PIN or other secret code

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Why Do You Need a Print Scratch Card ?
The Scratch Voucher Card is a card that is equipped with a plastic protector to hide a PIN or other secret code. How to use it is by rubbing the opaque area with coins or other items. There are 2 types of thickness, namely standard ATM thickness (0.76mm) or thick (0.38mm) for basic materials using PVC. If your budget is limited, we have more affordable alternative materials using Art Paper min 230gr for your rubbing card needs.

Some Advantages of Scratch Cards :
- As a Promotion and Information Media
- Has a Size that is Suitable for Your Event Accessories...
- Easy to Personalize

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The Uniqueness of Discount Vouchers in Marketing Campaigns

How often do you receive a discount voucher from your favorite brand? or now only accept digital vouchers from e-commerce applications? As we know that discounts are one of the most preferred things, especially for those of you who like shopping.

Various discount promos provided by malls, supermarkets, restaurants and modern stores that make it always crowded with consumers who want to get a cheaper price.

Even though the price is already markup, most people are still interested in discount labels. Today, discounts also change in various forms. From Free Shipping or free postage, buy 1 get 1, up to shipment of voucher cards from certain brands.

Rubbing Discount Voucher Discounts

Discounts or discounts are one of the product marketing strategies in the business that have proven to be effective today. Many business people from small to large levels use this strategy. Consumers actually don't really need the item, but in reality because there is a discount label that makes consumers become self-forgetful.

Indeed, the strategy of providing discounts can make consumers act more consumptively. Coupled with a gesture from the company or your business that encourages your customers to continue to buy your product. One of the choices of this game is to print lots of scrub discount vouchers.

Why is that? Rubbing discount vouchers may look old-fashioned to apply in this digital era, but while maintaining that old way your customers will feel more trust in your brand.

Because you are not reluctant to give discount vouchers scrub to consumers.

Besides that the discount voucher function also gives more activity consumers by rubbing coins with a voucher first to get a voucher code that you can combine to your store or to your website.

Paper Type Print Rubbing Discount Voucher

There are various types of paper that we use in rubbing voucher printing among them :

  • HVS 80 Gsm - HVS 100 Gsm
  • Art Paper 100 Gsm - 150 Gsm
  • Matt Paper 100 Gsm - 150 Gsm

You can also print with a standard size of 6 x 15 cm or with custom sizes according to the design of your voucher. You can also print with one side or two sides for your voucher paper.

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