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Why is marketing using roll banner?
Marketing using roll banners is the right thing, because roll banner is a visual media that can be designed as attractive as possible to attract interest from prospective customers who see it.

Some advantages of print roll banner :
- Can be easily carried everywhere
- Visual media that is able to attract attention
- Can be designed creatively as possible
- Low production costs
- Not easily damaged and durable

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Why Print a Roll Banner on PrintYuk.com

pengerjaan cetak roll banner dikerjakan sangat cepat
Pengerjaan Cepat
Proses cetak roll banner Anda akan langsung dikerjakan secara profesional dan cepat hanya dalam hitungan jam.
proses pemesanan roll banner dapat melalui online
Pemesanan Online
Proses pemesanan cetak roll banner bisa dilakukan secara online dimanapun dan kapanpun. Pesan dan desain roll banner Anda sesuai keinginan.
jasa cetak roll banner dijakarta terpercaya
Printyuk.com merupakan percetakan yang dipercaya lebih dari 30 tahun
media pembayaran cetak roll banner bervariasi
Beragam Pilihan Pembayaran
Anda dapat melakukan pembayaran cetak roll banner Anda dengan banyak pilihan, dapat dengan cara transfer bank maupun kredit card. Pilihlah yang sesuai.
roll banner Anda sudah selesai dan akan segera dikirim
Kemudahan Dalam Pengiriman
Setelah roll banner selesai diproduksi, barang akan sampai ketempat Anda dengan cepat dan aman. Banyak pilihan pengiriman yang kami sediakan.

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Why A Print Roll Banner Is A Powerful Marketing Tool (along with full tips)

Banner, surely many of you often hear the word banner or banner right? But do you know what are banners or banners? for what function?

We find many banners in various places, starting from food banners in restaurants, product banners on the streets, even salons that have banners. Why are so many people using banners. Before we discuss further, it's a good idea to understand first what are banners .

What is a banner?

Banner is one of the media for promotion that is printed using Digital Print which is generally portrait or vertical. Banner is a mini form of Billboards.

Banners are often encountered in Cassette Shops, A product Event, Banks, Malls, and shops, from food sales to almost all salons using Banner.

Tips on Making Your Roll Banner a Magnet for Prospective Clients

There are lots of techniques to produce good roll banner prints, one of which is a unique design that also attracts attention. But in making a roll banner design, there are many mandatory things that you should not put aside.

Consider the following:

# 1 Place the Logo in the Up position

Logo, is the identity of a brand and brand, usually everything placed at the top is the most important element of a design.

# 2 Use Titles that Attract Eyes

Like logos, headlines are the most important element! In the roll banner design, make the title of a main fishing gear. Once people see your banner design, that person will stop and continue reading. Or, will remember the word repeatedly.

# 3 Use Images with High Resolution

Want to steal the attention of prospective clients how come the picture breaks? Don't let this happen if you want to print a roll banner with great results.

# 4 Colors Must Match and Attract

We don't forbid you to wear any striking and as busy colors. However, to make eyes bound to the eye, it takes the right alloy. And certainly, the introduction of the colors used is not much different from the logo you have.

# 5 Adding Clear Contact Information

Where will the customer find your services? How do consumers contact you? Never ignore to add information about your contact number and address in the roll banner design. Make sure that the address and number there are clearly visible. It would be better if the contact number placed consisted of pretty numbers that were easy to remember so that only in a short time would the prospective client be able to remember the number without having to record it.

# 6 Net for Prospective Clients with Attractive Marketing Languages ​​

Just like fishing for a fish, to get a large fish, a large (read: interesting) bait is also needed. For this reason, one way to attract consumers is to use an attractive marketing language. For example, buy 1 free 1, buy 1 50% discount on your next purchase. In this way, your roll banner design will be able to attract many potential customers.

Want to know more? You can read more complete tips to make an attractive roll banner design in our article:

Tips on Creating a Cool Banner Design for Promotions to Look More Attractive and Selling

Reason Why Roll Banner is a Great Marketing Tool

Relatively inexpensive

Compared to advertising on radio / TV, the production of roll banner printing is not expensive. According to the Ad Association, outdoor advertising is 80 percent cheaper than advertising on TV, and 60 percent cheaper than newspaper advertisements, and 50 percent cheaper than radio ads.


Roll banners can be produced in various sizes and colors. Banners also have types that can be hung, mounted on the wall or placed on the floor such as roll up banners for example.

Targeted Marketing

If your target market is in a certain location, print roll banner placement in that place can increase sales at that location. Installation of banners near shopping centers or city parks can also attract the attention of many people. Because some of these places are environments that many people pass through. Case studies prove the right message in the right place at the right time to generate sales.

Promote Local Events, and not just marketing

Many cities that use banners are not just a medium for marketing. But it can also be used as a medium for campaigning, or promoting local events. This proves that banner usage is not limited to marketing activities only. Moreover, roll banners are also easy to produce and place anywhere.

Easy to carry and uninstall

That's right, roll banner is not only cheap for its production costs. But it's also easy to pack, uninstall and carry wherever you want.

If in one place your roll banner is not functioning properly, you can move it and use it in another place that suits your business target market. And make sure it's not only suitable, but there is also a lot of traffic every day at that place.

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