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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online RFID-Card is one type of smart card (smart card) in which it works is quite exposed or tap on the machine reader (reader).

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Why Do You Need to Print RFID Cards ?
RFID cards are one type of smart card where the workings are sufficiently faced or taped on the reader. The advantages of this card can be filled in and deleted again according to the wishes and code applied by your company. available in two frequencies of 125Khz and 13.56Mhz.

Some of the Advantages of RFID Cards :
- Simple and Easy to Carry
- Showing that you are professional
- Grow Client Trust
- The Most Effective Marketing Tool

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What is RFID

RFID or it can be called Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless-based identification system that allows data retrieval without having to come into contact such as barcodes or magnetic cards. this tool uses an electromagnetic radiation system to send code

Working Principles One of them RFID using a system of identification with radio waves, therefore at least two devices are needed so that this tool can function, as for the devices needed are called TAGS and READERS.

Well, what's the difference between RFID Tags and RFID Reader ?

Here's the explanation :


Tools attached to objects that will be identified by RFID Reader.

There are 2 types of RFID TAG, namely passive and active devices. TAG is passive without using batteries while active TAG uses batteries to function. this tool can be in the form of a read-only device which means it can only be read only or the device is read-write which means it can be read and rewritten.

this tool only contains a unique TAG that is different from one another. So information about the object connected to this tag is only found in the system or database that is connected to the RFID Reader.

RFID Reader

RFID Reader is a reader of RFID TAG. There are two types of RIFD Reader namely Passive Reader and Active Reader.

Passive Reader

has a passive reader system that can only receive radio signals from Active TAG (battery-operated). The range of recipients of this device can reach up to 600 meters. This makes it possible to serve as a system of protection and supervision of assets.

Active Reader

has an active reader system that can transmit interrogator signals to TAG and receive authentication replies from TAG. This interrogator signal also induces TAG and eventually becomes a DC signal so that it can become a Passive TAG resource.

Use of RFID

RFID is now widely used in various fields such as companies, supermarkets, hospitals and even the last used in cars to identify the use of subsidized fuel.

This tool is widely used for identification purposes such as when shopping for goods, identifying employee IDs, identifying company assets and many other identifications.

So are some explanations about RFID and its uses,

After the results of the design of your RFID RFID card have been completed, now is the time to trust RFID card printing services with Printyuk.com, which has been in printing for more than 30 years. The process is also fast, there are many payment options, and there are many choices for shipping too.

Many choices of RFID card materials that you can choose from on printyuk.com, among others :

  • Proximity
  • Misare

In addition to the large selection of RFID card materials, printyuk.com also provides many other RFID options.

So are a few brief explanations, why do you have to print RFID cards even in today's digital era.

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