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Portable Booth Making Services

Cheapest price, best quality, fast workmanship
Portable booths can be used for various activities, such as exhibitions, and other activation activities whether indoor or outdoor. With Printyuk you can get a custom portable booth according to your wishes.

The advantages of making a portable booth with us:
- Design according to your wishes
- The use of selected materials is not easily damaged
- Cheapest price
- Tthere are many size options available

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Fast work
Your portable booth needs to be done professionally and quickly and even less than 1 day.
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Online Ordering
Reservations for portable booths can be made online from anywhere and at any time. Order and design your booth table as desired.
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Printyuk.com is a portable booth maker that is trusted for more than 30 years
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Various Payment Options
You can make payments for making portable booths with many choices, either through bank transfers or credit cards. Choose as you wish.
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Ease of Delivery
After the portable booth has been produced, the items will reach you quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

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Benefits of an Exhibition, and the Important Role of Portable Booths

To be able to find out the benefits of an exhibition, let's first discuss the most basic.

Is that an exhibition?

An exhibition is an activity carried out by a company or a community that contains several business people. To convey ideas and ideas to be introduced directly to the community. What can be offered in the exhibition varies, it can be in the form of products, discounts or in the form of demos.

An exhibition, is expected to establish communication between business units or communication between business owners and the community directly.

We already know the meaning of the exhibition, then now we ask. And what are the benefits of participating in an exhibition. Or create an exhibition in terms of business.

Broadly speaking, the benefits of the exhibition is to foster or foster a value of community appreciation of the product a business. Or you can also appreciate in terms of ideas and business ideas.

While from the business owner's side, they can interact directly with the community in the field. Can get publications on a wide scale, and can also receive input from the public more openly about what the advantages or disadvantages of the products you offer.

Because the benefits for business owners in participating in the exhibition are very good and have an instant effect. Therefore participating in an exhibition is a marketing strategy that is mostly done by business owners.

And generally the exhibition organizers provide only a piece of land, and a makeshift chair or table. If you want to look different from other brands. Usually the exhibitors will bring their own portable booth or booth table.

This portable booth is generally seasonal or only used for once or twice an exhibition. Portable booths, or booths, they are usually designed according to their own business brand identity. Actually the portable booth has several types commonly used for exhibitions.

Among them:

1. Event Desk

If interpreted into Indonesian, the event desk means a promotion table. Usually this promotional table is used for exhibition purposes in the mall. Promotional desk or event desk is made of PVC base material which is quite light but strong and resistant to small impact.

This type of booth usually has an elegant shape. So that it will easily attract the eyes and attention of people who pass by. So it is not uncommon for many business owners to choose event desks for exhibitions.

The disadvantage is that this type of booth is quite difficult to move from one place to another. Because it has a large enough size.

2. Booth Pop Up Counter

The variation of this type of booth is actually a simplification of the form of a large and difficult event desk. Because the size is not too large, so the pop up counter is very easy to carry.

3. Booth Portable

The latter type is the most widespread type and many are the main choices when doing exhibitions. Moreover, the land used for the exhibition is not too large, but wants to get good enough attention from passersby. Yes, portable booth is the right one for you to use.

The advantages of portable booths can also be folded and easy to carry everywhere. Suitable for a business that sells on the move. Or actively do offline branding in several places in one week.

Portable booth is made using quality aluminum combined with wood.

For the manufacture of cheap and quality portable booths, you must choose the right vendor. One of them is PrintYuk.com, which is a professional booth manufacturing service that has more than 30 years of experience.

Hopefully this article is useful and able to give you the best picture of how useful an exhibition is. And also what are the booths used in the exhibition.

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