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Should We Print Posters?
If you want a media campaign that is not too big but is still effective in stealing attention. Then poster printing is the best solution for you, because the poster has a size that is not too large, but can display images and writing very clearly.

Some Advantages Poster:
- Promotional media with the ideal size
- Poster printing can also be used as a home decoration
- Production costs are relatively cheap
- Easy to move location

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Is Poster Printing Important or Not?

There are many functions of a poster, starting from promotional posters, food posters, notification posters and other posters. In fact until now the function of poster printing is still very much needed.

Are you one of the people who is still interested in seeing a unique poster design on the road? Did you stop then pay attention to the interesting poster design? If so, then you are one of the people affected by the promotion and marketing strategies using posters.


Before that, let's discuss in more detail.

What is a poster?

Until now, a poster print was considered still an effective and efficient medium for delivering information. Not surprising, because the power of posters in conveying information is quite strong.

Simply put, posters are a tool for publishing information to many people. The contents of the poster design can consist of writing or drawing, or can be a combination of writing and drawing. The information displayed in the design of promotional posters is usually invitation or persuasive. Details can be seen on the wikipedia .

Because the poster design is in the form of an invitation, the poster must be placed in a public place that many people go through. The location of poster placement is usually adjusted to the target market to be achieved.

Benefits of Poster Printing for Business

Advertising promotion posters are a marketing technique through poster printing services that are commonly used by small businesses . Because promotional posters include visual design, images, colors and writing. This is what attracts a promotional poster, to market the brand.

The following is what excellence in making promotional poster prints ?

Size and Shape Flexibility.

One of the advantages that is very visible is the poster print size that can vary. Not just one size or one shape. The poster size that you can request for poster printing services is A3, A2, or even A1 size.

The poster size must be adjusted to where you will place your poster. And the use of posters that you want to function. Example if you use it for promotional posters, the size must be large, at least the size is A1. But if it is used for decoration posters, you might be able to print it in smaller sizes, namely A2 size.

Distribution Flexibility.

What is meant by distribution flexibility is that you are free to place your poster. Of course it must be adjusted to the desired target market to see your poster design. Because of its enormous size, this is one of the hallmarks of posters.

Long Term Exposure.

The poster also has a very long exposure period. With a note that depends on the design of the poster that you made. If the poster design is interesting, of course it will have a long impact too.

And that also depends on where you place your poster. If you place in a place that is not given permission. Surely your poster will be revoked soon

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Broad Communication.

The point is, a promotional poster can cover a broad market and be able to communicate with many people. If you place it in a strategic location plus the design of your poster image that attracts the attention of the community in that location.

If you notice, we have discussed a lot about the problem of poster design. Is it very important?

Very important, because that design will determine whether the promotion through poster printing can succeed or not. After you find out how the advantages of poster printing. The next question arises, where should I print a poster?

How to Determine a Quality Poster Print Service

Printing posters must be perfect, especially if we want to print a promotional poster. Because it is the visual that will have a big influence on your poster. A good poster print is influenced by who does it.

For that, here are complete tips on determining a professional and quality poster printing service

First, see from his experience

Usually printers that are already experienced, especially for decades have memorized the use of ink and what materials are good for printing your promotional posters. With good experience too, we can minimize errors that occur in poster production.

That way, you can relax and wait for the results of your poster print to finish properly. Without having to be afraid and always monitor the results of his work, of course it will take quite a lot of time.

Second, ask poster materials to be used

This is still a big connection from the first tips, usually if an experienced printer will understand if you ask about the material used in poster printing. Are these posters durable? That depends on the type of material used. If you are in doubt, don't hesitate to ask questions and compare between other poster printing services.

Third, make sure the poster print is up to good


Surely you want the results of printing posters to be delivered directly to your home or office safely and without the slightest damage. Look for poster printing services that can provide such experiences. Because it will reduce your time to take care of directly to your poster print production site.

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