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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online Accept the manufacture of unit dolls and wholesalers with a variety of choices of colors and special dolls with designs that you bring yourself. Affordable price, and good quality

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Wholesale Doll Making Services - Own Design

Cheap and Quality Doll Making Services
Get various kinds of making the best quality sewing dolls for your company's promotional needs, starting from doll mascot, pillow dolls, and doll sarongs.

3 Things You Will Get:
- Best sewing quality
- Design according to your wishes
- High resistance to water

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Making Dolls for Souvenir of Companies / Events

Dolls are one of the things that are closely related to small children, women and fans of anime or fiction. Because, dolls are considered capable of visualizing images on a television screen or something far from the puppet owner.

In addition, dolls are also increasingly in demand by a number of companies or organizations who want to carry out activities, such as company promotions, so that companies often need mascot dolls as a smooth promotion effort.

In fact, using a doll mascot, a product will become viral easily on social media (be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter).

How can? Oppo and Vivo with their mascot dolls are often the talk of many netizens because of their cute and adorable behavior. Dancing and fighting on the side of the road, entertainment for everyone who saw it. Indirectly, they will always be reminded of what the two puppet mascots have done.

Tokopedia and JD. ID with their mascot can be used as gift presents for millions of customers, both consumers and pelapak. They make the best use of their mascot.

Type of Doll

Many of you may have seen many types of dolls, but you don't know what the names of these dolls are. Like most of our customers, they order on types of dolls, but do not understand what functions and how they are used to ordering.

Therefore, we want to provide a list of the types of dolls that exist in the world. The following is the list:

1. Puppet Wayang

This doll is played and used to do dramas between some dolls with very interesting stories and dolls which are also very good.

2. Glove Dolls

The size of this doll is quite small. Played using one hand, and usually only consists of the head, hands and body with a hole at the bottom (the function of the hole is to enter your hand).

3. Stick the doll

Puppet sticks are not like dolls that are usually made using full cloth. But with hard textured material. Because the process is not sewn, this doll is made by painting.

4. Doll bisque

These dolls are from France and Germany. Outside, these dolls are made in such a way as to form real people, ranging from body shape, hair, to clothes.

5. Barbie doll

Barbie is a trademark of Oneka made by Mattel, Inc. Who doesn't know what a Barbie doll looks like?

6. Hina doll

Instead, names originating from Japan. This doll is usually used for celebrations in the country. These dolls are generally sold in a set and make a complete display with stairs and red carpet at Hinamatsuri, so the dolls are arranged in such a way on the stairs, the arrangement of these dolls is based on the level of position in the kingdom in Japan. .

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