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A pillow is one tool that attaches directly to our facial skin, moreover it is used for sleep. Aside from being a pillow protector from dust and dirt. Custom pillowcases can also be used to beautify the pillow so that it looks more personal than the one on the market.

Some of the Advantages of Custom Pillowcases:
- Looks more personal than factory-made
- Can be used for gifts to others
- Costs are used as accessories to beautify the house
- Easy maintenance and not easy to fade

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Reasons Why You Need a Pillow Cover

Pillows, surely you are no stranger to your ears. Because this thing will always be in every house. It is even impossible for 1 house to have only one pillow. Maybe 7 or 10 in 1 house.

One that is always on the pillow is a pillowcase. Cushion cover is used to cover the pillow, easy to remove and wash. Pillowcases are also able to keep the pillow from getting dirty or damaged easily. We will discuss more deeply, why do you need to use a pillowcase.

Before we find out about the benefits of pillowcases , we will try to discuss the function of the pillow own.

Importance of Pillowcases

1. Keep your pillow cleaner


The pillow case is the first line of defense to keep the pillow clean for longer. In fact, we realize it or not, we often spill or drop something small in our mattress, especially our pillows.

Over time, our pillows are filled with our dead skin cells, dirt, and dandruff just like our beds. Using a pillowcase will prevent build-up on the bottom and fur on the pillow. This will help you not wash your pillow too often, because it has been protected by a pillowcase.

2. Inhibiting allergens (allergies)

Custom pillowcases usually use tightly packed cotton fabrics. So that this cloth prevents hair and dust from coming out of the pillow to prevent allergens (allergies). This custom pillowcase can also be washed with hot water, generally can be done once a week using 130 degrees hot water.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, tells us that "Allergy to dust is a common trigger for symptoms of allergies and asthma. Although they can be found throughout the home, these microscopic creatures thrive in warm and humid environments such as beds, furniture and carpet ".

3. Will Make Softer Pillow

Using a pillowcase can provide a double defense against body fluids that fall on our pillows. Oil and dirt in sweat and saliva can accumulate able to reduce the quality of the pillow and reduce the quality of the feathers on the pillow.

Although this can happen anywhere, the most frequent factor is the sleeping pillow. Because we use it more often, especially when we use it when we are not aware of sleep. Using a custom pillowcase can provide more softness on your pillow.

4. Give a More Personal Impression

If you use a custom pillowcase, it will definitely give a more personal touch in your private room like a bed. You can also match the theme of your pillowcase to the design of your bedroom.

Not only that, custom pillow cases are also very useful if used for sofa cushions. Because it will give a unique impression to your guests. Unique, attractive pillowcases can also be used for hotels, and your office waiting room. Just adjust it to the theme of your room.

5. Peace of mind when traveling

If you are a person who is sufficiently concerned with cleaning items around you. Especially in your bed, you must bring a pillowcase while traveling. No need to fear, because the pillowcase will not take up much space in your suitcase. Especially if you use a custom pillowcase that has been adjusted the size and material used.

Because we will never know the cleanliness of our actual stay. How they wash their bedding and whether the room is cleaned every day or not.

Tips from IndependentTraveler.com

Bringing a set of spring beds is not a good idea, it's better to bring a custom pillowcase from your bed at home, to provide more comfort as if at home.

Pillowcases are an inexpensive way to give you extra protection and extend the life of your pillow. Do you choose a cushion cover to prevent allergies, or a custom pillowcase to give a more personal impression? All depends on your choice. To be sure you will sleep more comfortably, because it is more protected from the health risks that you do not want.

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