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Why is Photobook Printing Important?
Times are increasingly digital, but unfortunately photos stored in digital form can be lost because of smartphone or memory damage. Print photobook is the most appropriate solution as a backup. In addition, you can also customize your custom photobook so that you can enjoy personal moments that are privacy.

Some of the advantages of a photobook:
- As a backup place to store photos
- Places to enjoy photos that are privacy
- Printed photos will last longer

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Easy Tips to Print PhotoBook Quickly

Along with the development of the times, capturing moments of happiness becomes increasingly sophisticated. So that there are so many people who like to capture photos and save them into an application or memory device.

But unfortunately this could have been a disaster, if digital files were lost because of something that caused an error.

For this reason, usually some people print the digital file and make it a backup file if they have a problem. In order for the results to be saved to look more presentable, therefore it is necessary to print a photobook.

Most people sometimes still misunderstand the photo album with a photobook. These two types of books do almost sound similar. Even though in terms of workmanship and materials, this can easily be distinguished.

What is a Photobook?

Photobook is a book that contains a series of photographs that are designed in such a way that they are interrelated. The links between photos can be from photo themes, photobook designs or moments from the contents of the photo.

Usually photobooks are used to capture a series of beautiful moments in one book such as, during graduations, weddings, births to birthdays.

The history of the photobook begins with the discovery of conventional photographic printing processes called Cyanotype and Calotype. In 1843-1853, the first photobook from Anna Atkins entitled Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions was launched.

Difference between Photobooks and Photo Albums

Most people are still often confused between photobooks with photo albums, the following guidelines can help you make the right choice before making one.

1. Paper & Print Types

One of the most obvious differences is in terms of the type of paper used. Photo Albums are printed with digital machines on luster photo paper or professional photo paper. This type of paper has a slightly shiny texture and is protected by the UV layer.

Photo Book or Photobook printed with offset according to the choice of paper type you choose. Although different types of paper with photo albums, offset printing paper is a much better choice for printing photos. Photobook printing is very suitable to be used as a product book that contains many pages that contain your photo moments.

2. Construction

Paper photo album material is generally more rigid because of the binding process on the photo page. Meanwhile, for photobooks that are printed with offset techniques the binding and contruction are different, where the binding process is modeled on a pinch and uses hot glue to become more flexible.

3.Cover option

Both types of books can be hardcovered such as Hardcover with canvas fabric lining, Hardcover with paper layers laminated by dove or gloss, or can be embossed and hot print. So the two cover options for this book can both be tailored to your needs.

Preparation Before Print Photobooks

The advantage of the Photobook is that you can always see the results of photos in the best prints for a long time. You don't need to be afraid of missing or damaged files that are on your camera.

Printing a photobook also can't be careless. There are some preparations before printing the Photobook, you should first know what preparations to do. So that later you can immediately print the photobook quickly and easily.

1. Choosing Photos

Make sure in the initial preparation to print a photobook, you have to prepare which photos are the best and the right ones to print. Also pay attention, the selected photo really depicts a precious moment in your life and may not happen a second time. Examples of these moments are the day you graduated, the wedding day, and the birth day of the baby.

2. Think of Caption

A photobook will look interesting if you insert a story in it. This goal can remind you of a moment when you see this book in the future. Creativity is needed in compiling the story behind a photo.

The more you are good at playing words, then this beautiful photobook will be more interesting and help beautify the photos visually.

3. Photobook concept

No less important than the previous aspect, the concept of an attractive photobook makes you never get bored when opening another sheet of photobook. For example, if the book tells about the happiness moment of your child's first birthday, you can choose a funny concept like candy party. Try to find the right concept for every moment you want to make a photobook..

4. Photobook Design

If previously it was a concept, this time the design had to be in harmony with the moments and concepts that had been prepared in advance. If the concept is like a theme, the photobook design directs us to the layouts that you want to use in each photo categorization.

5. Choosing the Right Size

Finally, you must determine the size to be used. That way, the printout of the photobook will be as you wish. It is recommended that the right size is not too small and not too large, so that it is suitable to be stored on your desk shelf.

Here are some tips for preparing to print a photobook quickly and easily. Do not let one step above pass, because the results of the printed photobook will not be optimal. If you want to print a cheap and easy photobook, you can directly do it online at Printyuk.com.

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