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Why You Need to Print Paper Placemat ?
Paper placards are the first thing people see when they sit down, and are a strong place to advertise your promotions. If you have a business partner, or part of a referral network, you can also print placemats that include offerings from your partners and discounts. People always like discounts, and are a place to advertise products on the table right in front of them.

Some of the Advantages of Paper Placemats :
- For Your Business Branding Awareness
- Easy To Personalize
- Being a Difference With Other Brands
- Become Your Native Ads

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Type of Plate Glass Placemat

Sometimes food is served while still hot to the dinner table. This method is done so that the food feels more delicious and appetizing. For that you need plates and cups so that the heat doesn't feel too obvious. In addition to functioning to withstand heat, the placemat will also decorate the dining table to be more beautiful.

Tablecloths are used to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the dining table. In addition there are other accessories that you should not forget, namely placemats for tableware one of which is a glass placemat. The glass mat helps when serving hot drinks and prevents the tablecloth from getting dirty quickly from splashing water.

So what are the ingredients that are often used to make coasters and placemats? Here's the explanation:


This material is generally if made as a placemat the plate will have a certain thickness so that it is not easily torn, flexible, and waterproof.

Rubber is also able to absorb heat to a certain temperature so there is no need to worry when serving food that is still hot on a placemat.

When talking about the price, the price of the placemat is quite cheap with quality that is certainly not inferior to other ingredients.


The material of rattan is made from rattan wood fibers woven in such a way as to make a placemat.

The rattan material is not too resistant to water unless you cover it with special varnish before using it. However, rattan is light and heat resistant, so there will be no problem when you intend to serve food in a condition fresh from the oven.


Another material that is also used for placemat is plastic.

Plastics that are used as placemats generally have a certain thickness and below are given a thin foam to be more able to absorb heat. The price of plastic plates will be more expensive than rubber but not more expensive than rattan.


Of the three materials above, paper material is the easiest to custom, the cheapest and also environmentally friendly. PrintYuk has several types of paper that can be used among them :

100 GSM Glossy Paper

120 GSM Glossy Paper

100 GSM Matte Paper

120 GSM Matte Paper

By using matte laminated finishing and also glossy and can print paper placards one to two sides.

Considerations When Choosing Plate Plates

Before deciding what kind of plate you will buy, consider some of the considerations below. Do you want to create matching colors in the room? The easiest way to create a non-overlapping atmosphere is to choose a meter plate.

At a more affordable price, you can have a series of uniform shades in the kitchen, such as coasters, dining pads, plate racks, to the tablecloth substitute table. Is your goal to support children to eat alone? Children love activities when accompanied by things they like.

Having a child's eating mat for your favorite cartoon characters will be very helpful in this regard. Is your dining table small? If the number of your family members is quite large compared to the size of your dining table, the use of ready-made eating pads is sometimes not suitable. The size can be too big and even less beautiful if forced.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you measure the width of the table first. Finally, you just need to determine which style suits your taste best. By having this cup holder, your dining table will be more colorful and add fun.

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