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Important Is the Food Box Printing for Business
Making a food box display with your own brand, can give a strong branding impression. Moreover, for a culinary business. Branding is one way to make other people remember what we have to offer.

Some of the benefits of a Custom Food Box:
- Marketing tools that can be used everyday
- A marketing tool that will not be removed
- Easy to carry and distribute
- Recyclable marketing media

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Why Use Food Box Printing Services at PrintYuk.com

pengerjaan cetak box makanan cepat
Pengerjaan Cepat
Proses cetak box makanan Anda akan langsung dikerjakan secara profesional dan cepat hanya dalam hitungan jam.
dapat memesan cetak box makanan dengan cara online
Pemesanan Online
Proses cetak box makanan bisa dilakukan secara online dimanapun dan kapanpun. Pesan dan desain box makanan Anda sesuai keinginan.
percetakan terpercaya di jakarta
Printyuk.com merupakan percetakan yang dipercaya lebih dari 30 tahun
banyak terdapat pilihan media pembayaran
Beragam Pilihan Pembayaran
Anda dapat melakukan pembayaran cetak box makan Anda dengan banyak pilihan, dapat dengan cara transfer bank maupun kredit card. Pilihlah yang sesuai.
jika hasil sablon bpx makanan Anda sudah selesai akan segera dikirim
Kemudahan Dalam Pengiriman
Setelah box makanan selesai diproduksi, barang akan sampai ketempat Anda dengan cepat dan aman. Banyak pilihan pengiriman yang kami sediakan.

How to Order Print Food Boxes at PrintYuk.com

cari kebutuhan box makanan anda di printyuk
Cari Kebutuhan di PrintYuk
kirim desain box makanan anda
Kirim Desain
proses cetak box makanan anda selesai
Selesai, Barang di Kirim !

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Important Effects of a Food Box on Culinary Business Branding

The existence of cheap disposable food boxes is now becoming more important to realize the existence of some business owners, especially those engaged in the food industry. Not only providing disposable food boxes, sometimes in some eating places, they provide food boxes that can be used up to several times by buyers.

This shows that, food boxes are very useful and well received by anyone. With the use value of the food box which is also high. Box food can also be one of the good media campaigns for the company.

For that, let's discuss first, what's the function of the food box. Whether it's a disposable food box, or a food box that can be used many times by the buyer.

Let's discuss:

Functions of the Food Box

We have to realize that in the midst of the development of the world of design and marketing strategies today it is certainly very influential on the appearance of the food box itself. But regardless of that, we must be aware that the basic functions of the food box are:

- Protecting food from external impurities

- Some food boxes are able to maintain the temperature of food

- Makes it easier for buyers to bring home the ordered food

But from the 3 main functions above, there are also other functions than other food boxes if added with a good design. Then it will grow other functions, namely:

- If the appearance of the food is interesting and is wrapped in a box of food that is attractively designed also . Will increase the branding value of the trademark also indirectly. An example is Lays packaging with an iconic smile.

- Can be a promotional tool that can be promoted for free. For example, you buy a food in one restaurant, and they give you a food box that can be used continuously. Will you

just throw it away after using it? Or used to wrap lunches that you made yourself? 80% of people will reuse the food box.

Material Is Good Made for Food Boxes

Enter into the production stage of food box printing for your culinary business, of course what you need to know is which ingredients are good for making food boxes.


First is paper, of course the paper used is not the same as ordinary writing paper. The paper used to print food boxes or food screen printing boxes is usually thicker paper.

The advantage is that paper is easily formed and printed with various designs. By using paper, you can create as much as possible to make food boxes with your own brand.

The drawback is, it is easily damaged and can only be used once, and cannot maintain temperature properly.


The use of cartons for food boxes is usually used for larger foods or food ingredients (not ready food). Cartons are also not as good as paper, can also be printed or printed with various designs.

The advantages are, cartons can still be printed or screened with many cute and attractive design designs. Still can be formed as attractive as possible, can keep the food temperature quite good and strong not easily damaged if accidentally falls.

The drawback is that cheap food boxes with cardboard materials cannot be used many times. This means that the food box can only be used once. Both boxes of food made from cardboard are usually thick, so it requires a large enough storage space.


Then the printed food box material that can be used is plastic. We may immediately discuss the advantages. Food box material from plastic can usually be used many times. This means that cheap food boxes made from plastic are not disposable.

Food boxes made from plastic are also very good at maintaining food temperature, not easily damaged. And it can also be made in small form.

While the drawback is, it cannot be printed or printed as attractive as a food box from paper or cardboard. In addition, the cost of making food boxes made from plastic is definitely more expensive than the two previous ingredients.


The next material that can be used to make a food box is glass. The advantages of glass are able to withstand the temperature of eating very well. With a note not exposed to the sun directly. Glass food box material can also be used repeatedly until it is bored maybe hehe.

The drawback is, glass materials cannot be formed with various models, maybe only a few models. Glass box food is also very easy to damage, especially if it is slammed, heavier, and inefficient if taken everywhere.

Here's a brief explanation from us about what ingredients can be used to print special food boxes for your culinary endeavors.

Now the choice is in your hands, want to use what ingredients. The important thing is to realize the basic function of the food box first. Adjust to the budget you have. And find a trusted food box printing service. Can you see how long they have been engaged in printing?

Usually the more experienced, the better the printed food box results will be.

It's good to remember once again that a good promotional tool is a tool promotions that are also useful for recipients. Because it will have an impact on sustainable free promotion going forward. Thank you.

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