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Give your dish warmth with a special mug that contains photos of your business, family or marriage. Get a wide selection of mugs, ranging from glass, thermos, stainless steel and other ceramic mugs at low prices

3 Reasons Why You Print Mugs in Printyuk:
- Can print units or many mugs
- Design as you like
- Mug quality and durability

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Your Mug printing needs will be done professionally and quickly in just a matter of hours.
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Mug printing orders can be made online from anywhere and at any time. Order and design your mug as you wish.
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Printyuk.com is a trusted printing company for more than 30 years
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Many Payment Options
You can make Mug print payments with many choices, either through bank transfers or credit cards. Choose as you wish.
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After the mug has been produced, the item will get to your place quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

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Custom Mug Printing for All Your Needs

Serving drinks to guests has become a habit that must be done by every host, both dishes are served using ordinary glasses, or mugs. Make it look more polite and polite. No matter the guest is thirsty or not. Because, this is what must be done. However, as the customary age developed, it was used by a number of organizations, such as companies and wedding organizers. Because it turns out, mugs can be made specifically by adding company logos, wedding photos, and so on.

This is called the technique of building brand identity: making someone / invited guest / customer become familiar with the picture listed in the mug.

Who is recommended to print custom mugs - own designs?

Actually there is no limit to who can make special mugs for daily needs. However, according to its function, namely for branding, there will be a group that is highly recommended to print their own mugs, namely:

  • Large companies that want their brands to be easier to remember by the general public.
  • Small companies that are still pioneering their businesses, and often hold meetings in a room.
  • Bride who wants to make a unique and inexpensive wedding souvenir..
  • Seminar with a target audience that is still lay.
  • Large families who want relationships to be more unique.

What is the importance of inserting a logo / photo into a cup?

A brand is present as a corporate identity or an event that can be used to distinguish it from a company or other event. Inside a brand contains names, logos / photos, symbols, designs, and all combinations.

In order for a brand to be easily recognized by the public, the brand identity technique is done by inserting a logo / photo into a cup hoping that if someone brings a cup, they will become one - indirectly - an additional marketing team because they are able to bring the brand to be seen by others too.

Are you sure you don't want to try this one technique? Get an additional free marketing team ...

Types of Mugs for Souvenirs

In making special mugs, there are several types of alternatives that you can choose. Each type of mug below certainly has advantages and disadvantages. We provide this so that you are more flexible and understand what type of cup you want to choose.

  • Standard Mug
  • Capucino Mug
  • Mug Capsules
  • Mug mate
  • Window Mug
  • Mug cone
  • Mug plus placemat
  • Mug color handle

Click here to see 100 examples of special beautiful mugs.

Tips for Making Beautiful Mug Designs

Some of you may have been interested in making custom mugs but are still confused about how to make a beautiful and fitting mug design according to the type and size of the mug.

This guide can be used to design personal photos, wedding photos, or company logos.

1. Print Mug Design to Size

For some people, the difficulty of mug printing is on "what size is right?" Aside from having not printed a custom mug, it is also because there are several different types of mugs.

Therefore, use a standard type mug that has a size "Diameter: 8.5cm - 9cm, Height: 10cm". Because, by using this, obviously you need a canvas with a size of "Length: 21cm, Width: 8.5 cm".

2. Place the Custom Design Mug Right in the Place

In general, there are 3 mug design positions commonly used by market positions, left, right, and center. However, the most frequently used is the right position. Because, in the right position, the person using the mug will easily see the design made if the mug is held using the right hand.

3. Use the Standard Mockup Mug Design

For those of you who really can't make your own cup design, it's highly recommended to use the mockup that we provide below.

Get a Mockup Mug Design

4. Use Quality Screen Printing

In this digital era, there are quite a number of companies that provide cheap mug printing services. However, it doesn't matter how the quality of screen printing is used. In fact there are some of them, screen printing used only lasted about one month, and the following month the design has begun to look dull.

Then, where can I get a place to make cheap mug prints with quality screen printing? Do not worry! Now, Printyuk has provided special mugs for you who need low prices and quality screen printing. We will also continue to serve you who do not have your own design (aka we will design it if needed).

How much is the Mug Print Price?

If the customs mug printing service usually only provides mug making for wholesalers, in Printyuk you can make a mug unit. The following is a price list:

  • 1 Mug: Rp 28.000
  • 5 Mugs: Rp 137.000
  • 10 Mugs: Rp 273.000
  • 50 Mugs: Rp 1.365.000
  • 100 Mugs: Rp 2.080.000
  • More than 100: Contact us further.

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