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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online poster made with the intention of promoting a film produced in the film industry.

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Why You Need to Print a Movie Poster ?
Movie Poster posters made with the aim of promoting a Movie produced in the Movie industry. Movie posters are usually printed on Art Paper paper and use glossy laminate to have the impression of training.

Some of the Advantages of Movie Poster :
- As a Promotion and Information Media
- Has a size that is suitable for decorating your home or office
- Efficient as a Communication Media
- Easy to Personalize

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Print Posters For Promotions, Information, Or Want To Decor Your Home And Office

Print posters are a medium of information and promotion. Even today, posters are also being used for home decoration. Various designs and texts are contained in posters that make home decor more attractive. Today there are many digital printing services that provide poster printing services. You might ask what is the price of poster printing on digital printing?

Before we discuss what is the standard price for poster printing. let's make a lighter over what is a movie poster.Movie Poster, like other promotional posters it has a function as a promotional media for a particular film. Although there may be limited installation in the area surrounding the cinema alone, sometimes the design of film posters is also used as an identity for a particular film.

Besides functioning as a promotional media and the identity of a film, film posters as a form of graphic design products, today has also become a form of art. A poster design that is made interesting, besides having certain functions can also be a work of art.

Types of Poster Functions

As a Promotion and Information Media

From ancient times until now, posters are often used as promotional media and as information media. Although it has been shifted a lot with the sophistication of other digital devices (gadjed, computers, etc.), but posters are still considered as promotional media and very precise information. Not everyone can keep up with technology, especially older people.

Posters are considered more efficient, easier and the price of poster printing is relatively cheap. In addition, posters are better able to attract the attention of the audience because the type of design continues to grow. This development is supported by the existence of sophisticated printing tools (digital printing) capable of printing posters of better quality and cheaper.

Media information from the posters that we often encounter are posters about the dangers of smoking for health. Where the picture in the poster shows all the negative effects of smoking. With the picture on the poster, people know about the dangers of smoking more clearly.

As a Learning and Warning Media

With the development of an increasingly advanced era, posters can not only be used as promotional media and information. But it has developed into a medium of learning in the classroom by creative teachers. With this new learning method, it is expected that students will more easily understand the material presented by the teacher.

Usually poster printing for learning media is more varied and simpler. Learning using this poster method can also be done by giving assignments to students to make posters. From these assignments students become more motivated to read material and create posters in one lesson.

Poster Size

The etymology poster means placards placed in public places. The poster was installed aimed at informing announcements or advertisements. The size of the poster is very quite diverse according to the needs and availability of raw materials.

The types of posters vary greatly from announcement posters, advertisement posters, cinema posters, educational posters, information posters and much more.

The following are poster sizes that are common in Indonesia :

  • Poster Size A4(21 X 29.7 cm)
  • Poster Size A3 (29.7 X 42 cm)
  • Poster Size A3+ (32,5 X 48,7 cm)
  • Poster Size A2 (42 X 59,4 cm)
  • Poster Size A1 (59,4 X 82 cm)

In addition to the size of the Serie A posters there are also sizes of series B posters which are equally popular, namely :

  • Poster Size B2 (50 X 70 cm)
  • Poster Size B1 (70 X 100 cm)

Therefore, it should be better to know the location and media that will be used before printing the poster to function optimally.

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