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Why You Need a Print Member Card ?
One popular and widely used promotional tool to attract buyers to come back to a store. The purpose of Member cards is usually to provide discounts, gifts or coupons for buyers on subsequent purchases. As one example, a restaurant provides a 50% discount on the fifth purchase. Usually Member cards are distributed free to customers.

Some Advantages of Member Cards :
- Branding For Your Business
- Give More Attention To Your Customer Member
- Attracting The Attention Of Your Customers
- Being a Difference With Other Brands

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Member Card Function For Companies

Business development and competition in Indonesia is getting faster and tighter. Companies are required to always be able to innovate and act quickly so they are not inferior to competitors. There are companies that make card cards to become one of the methods to overcome existing competition.

The use of member cards makes the company hope that consumers have high trust in the company. The image of the company indirectly depends on the quality of the product and the method of promotion carried out when a new product is launched.

When a company engaged in services or goods wants to introduce a new product or service it has, often what is done is giving the member card to the customer.

Why Use a Print Member Card as a Marketing Tool ?

For customers, the benefits include :

1. Get special prices at the time of product purchase

2. Find out the latest offers provided by service provider companies

3. Customers can get points that will generally apply to drawing prizes for members

4. Customers can also get a bonus when shopping for certain products in a certain amount

Various benefits from the customer side above, of course, will also be felt by the company. The following are the benefits of card membership to the company :

1. Provide a positive image for the community

By using a member card, consumers can easily get information and offers given by the company to them.

Usually consumers will receive the latest news about discounts, new products and attractive offers via their individual e-mail. This makes consumers feel more comfortable with the benefits of member cards received.

2. Establish good relationships with customers

With the presence of member cards, companies can have better relationships with consumers.

Companies can provide attractive offers and promotions for consumers who have a card, can also automatically increase consumer purchasing power for the products offered by the company.

3. Providing convenience to consumers to recognize a product

With the member card the company can check and analyze consumer shopping habits.

In addition, the company can adjust the loyalty offer to suit the needs of consumers, so that the company can offer attractive offers to cardholders about products that are often purchased by consumers. This makes consumers feel closer to the company and pay attention in detail.

4. Knowing the data of the member card holder

A card is usually equipped with a barcode usage system that contains consumer identity such as name, telephone number and consumer number, with this the Company has the opportunity to be able to provide information about promotions, offers or the latest news about products to consumers.

Data owned by the company certainly will not be misused but is used for positive things, one of which is used as an identity to take part in a lottery program held by the company.

5. Product branding

When companies that launch member cards also launch new products, consumers who have a card can generally try new products first than general consumers. When a consumer with a card gives a very positive review, it can be useful as a branding technique.

From the various benefits obtained by the company, when the company where you work also wants to apply the same thing,

there are some things that need to be considered first, namely :

Things to Look For Before Printing a Member Card

Member card design : The first thing to note is that the member card design generally needs to be made attractive to increase sales and branding of the company's products to consumers.

Number of printed member cards : When your company wants to launch a member card, pay attention to the number of members that will be printed and distributed in all outlets owned. The number of members to be printed is generally also related to the costs that need to be incurred for printing.

Requirements for creating a member card : When the company where you work issued a member card to make it easier for consumers to get the desired product, first make sure the card making requirements must be met by consumers. Generally, the requirement to make a member card is the identity and telephone number that can be contacted.

Member card conditions : Each company certainly has its own provisions in the use of cardholders. To facilitate the needs of consumers, first make sure the terms of use of card holders by consumers. With the existence of clear provisions, complaints from consumers who feel that they are not well facilitated when using a card can be minimized.

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