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Why Do You Need to Print a Make Up Pouch ?
Make Up Pouch bag is very useful for those of you who don't want to carry a lot of luggage. Make Up Pouch bag can accommodate your luggage such as gadgets, tissues, watches, glasses, flashdisk, etc. But in addition to these functions the Make Up Pouch bag also has other functions, especially if not as a supporting appearance.

Some advantages of a Make Up Pouch :
- Can Be Custom As You Wish
- Print Many or Unit
- Suitable For Printing With Your Own Brand

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Other Make Up Pouch Options

Things that need to be considered in organizing Makeup Bag or Cosmetic Equipment

Makeup bags are considered to have an important role especially for storing all makeup products and equipment which can be quite a lot. Without a special bag, maybe cosmetic equipment will be scattered. Wrong-wrong foundation leaked, spilled powder, broken lipstick, and so forth. For women what can be worse than that?

Therefore, the need for cosmetic bags is a necessity in itself. Cosmetic bags are needed to ensure all makeup equipment is more organized and organized, so just take it when needed. However, make sure you keep your makeup equipment in the bag neatly back. For women who want to have cosmetic bags, products can now be purchased online. The PrintYuk comes with an attractive offer. The best, most complete makeup bag products at the lowest prices.

Organizing Makeup Bags and Contents

Even though you have used makeup bags it is not uncommon for makeup equipment to fall apart. Therefore, it takes a smart way to organize the contents of cosmetic bags to keep them neat.

> Check the inside of the bag. Prioritize choosing a bag with nylon lining because it is easier to clean when dirty. As another form of protection, cover it with tissue before storing makeup in a bag.

> Before inserting makeup equipment, make sure everything is tightly closed. The goal is to make sure nothing is spilled later. This is quite simple. However, it actually requires precision and patience.

> Save the makeup tool according to its type. If necessary according to length, short, and size. Make sure it doesn't mix.

> Take out the contents of the cheap makeup bag and clean the bag regularly. At least once a month or two weeks if you use frequent makeup. Clean the inside of the bag using a suitable cleaning tool. Also, check the condition of the makeup equipment. If there are expired cosmetics products, they should be discarded.

Type of Cosmetic Bag or Makeup Bag

If you already have various kinds of accessories to make up, then you can have a make up bag so that the makeup accessories that you have look neat and also don't blend with other accessories. Here are some containers that can make your makeup look more neat:

1. Portable Makeup Bag

This type of makeup bag is usually a medium-sized makeup bag that is carried when you want to travel out of town or just stay at a relative's house. This portable makeup bag has a handle on the top, so you can carry it easily.

2. Mini Makeup Bag

When working or just hanging out with friends, you definitely need a makeup tool such as powder and lipstick that must always be ready in the bag. Well, some makeup tools are suitable to be put in a mini makeup bag or small makeup bag, so that it is more neat and you will not be difficult when looking for it in a bag.

3. Transparent Makeup Bag

Transparent makeup bags make it easier for you to search or just check your makeup tools. You only need to see it from the outside without having to open or remove the contents. Transparent make up bags are generally made of plastic.

4. Acrylic Makeup Bag

For those of you who have a myriad of make up tools and don't know where to put them, so you use the acrylic makeup place. Acrylic make-up can perfectly lay out makeup tools.

5. Wood Make Up Bag

You can put this wood make up place on your room dressing table. Wood make up places can clean up various tools such as foundation, powder, lipstick, face cream, blush, highlighter and so on.

This wood make up place is also easy to assemble without using the help of nails or hammers, so it doesn't endanger you. In addition, in this wood make up place there is a small glass that you can use to mirror when applying make up to make it look flawless.

Type of Cosmetic Bag or Makeup Bag


> 100% polyester kanvas

> Area bersih untuk diprint: 147 cm (gunakan lebar ini untuk layout cetak 150 cm)

> Estimasi penyusutan: 3.5% - 4.5%

Usually used for home decor such as carpets, decorative pillows / pillows, chair covers / sofas, curtains, wall hangings, table runners, table mats, bags, wallets, art & crafts / crafting, totebag materials, notebook bags, tents, shoes, hats , car seats, canopies, painting prints. Very strong and the fiber is large. Suitable for large image applications.


> 100% polyester dengan finishing twill (serat melintang)

> Area bersih untuk diprint: 145 cm (gunakan lebar ini untuk layout cetak 150 cm)

> Estimasi penyusutan : 3.5% - 5%

Usually used in decorative pillows, art & carfts, home decor like curtains, table runners, table mats, hat material, tablecloths, pants, jackets, bolero. Being popular as a substitute for canvas, for making totebags and pillows. Economical to make a birthday / totebag order with many names written on totebag.

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