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Why do you need to print a letterhead ?
Letterheads Heading on a sheet of paper (stationery). Which usually consists of name and address, and company logo or design, and sometimes background patterns. The term "letterhead" is often used to refer to all printed sheets with such titles.

Some of the advantages of letterhead :
- Branding For Your Company
- Showing That Your Company is Professional
- Grow Client Trust
- Stationary

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Letterhead For Companies

Company letterhead is one of the important things in the business of corporate correspondence, both when sending letters to official and unofficial institutions.

Therefore, the manufacture of letterhead can not be arbitrary or just originating.

What is letterhead and how to make a good company letterhead? What is the example of company letterhead?

What is a Letterhead?

Letterhead is the identity of a company / agency so that the recipient of the letter knows the origin of the letter and what company or institution sent the letter to them. Letterhead is usually located at the top of the letter or the general term is the letterhead.

How to make a letterhead correctly?

As a corporate identity, the more complete information provided, the better. Complete identity provided will make it easier for people when they need information or want to contact your company.

The first element that you should pay attention to in relation to how to make letterhead is the company logo. This logo is a symbol of a company or organization. The more attractive your logo is, the easier it is for people to remember it. If you don't put your logo on letterhead, people will find it difficult to remember your company.

In addition to the company logo, what more elements do you need to have if you want to make sure how to make letterhead correctly? Of course you must include the name of the company or organization along with the full address of the office (including postal code), telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and site. List all the elements your company has.

Function of Letterhead

Why do you make good letterhead correctly requires the elements that have been mentioned above? Because apart from being a letterhead identity, it has several functions, including the following :

- To leave a good impression

Another reason for making letterhead must be good and correct is that your company leaves a good impression for the letter reader. A good impression is one of the main capital in the success of a business. The better the impression your company or organization gives you, the more people like the product or service you offer. Therefore, it is important to have letterhead that looks attractive. The layout, font, ink and paper material used also support how visible a letterhead looks.

- As an advertisement

Did you know that every letter that comes out is an opportunity to promote the company for free? It is very likely that the person who reads your letter is not only the recipient of the letter, but also those who know the recipient of the letter.

You have arrived at the end of this article, which means that you have understood how to make good company letterhead correctly. Now you can just apply it.

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