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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online Yoyo id card is one of the most affordable card id accessories. Its function is not as an id card hook to be used in a pocket.

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Why Do You Need a YoYo ID Card Print ?
Yoyo ID cards are one of the most affordable accessories for ID cards.

Some YoYo ID Card advantages :
- Simple and Portable
- Branding for your company
- Has a Unique Shape
- Making Your Appearance More Neat

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Type and Yoyo ID Card Specifications

YoYo ID card is one of the accessories of the ID card. Generally round and in the middle of the yoyo the ID card can be affixed with a logo. The size of yoyo id cards is usually 3 cm in diameter with room for logos with a diameter of 2 cm.

The logo attached to the yoyo id card is a sticker coated with resin material so that it is more durable and looks looks nicer and more attractive. There are various forms and colors of yoyo ID cards, however the most widely used yoyo id card is round.

How to use the yoyo is by tucking the back of the yoyo into the pocket of the clothes. Swivel yoyo or also called yoyo list has a stainless metal circle on the outside of the yoyo circle. This yoyo looks more attractive and is stronger because it has better material (hard).

But the standard yoyo is no less good if it has been installed with a company logo sticker. YoYo ID cards with standard shapes have lighter weights compared to rotary yoyo because the material used is made of plastic. Both the yoyo with the standard shape and the type of rotary yoyo have a clip to associate the ID card holder (where the ID card is). But it can also be directly linked to an id card that has been given a hole or hole so it doesn't need to be given an ID card case again.

Yoyo ID Card There are 5 types

1. Static Yoyo

Static yoyo is a yoyo that cannot be rotated, different from the rotating yoyo. Static Yoyo is a mandatory office item that is very much in demand because of its simple design.

2. Spin Yoyo

Spin yoyo is a yoyo id card that can rotate 360 degrees. Users of the rotating yoyo consider the yoyo id card to be less practical because it can spin so it must justify its position.

3. Yoyo Logo

By using quality materials and printing machines. Yoyo logo becomes your own custom item for your company, by printing your logo on the front of your yoyo id card.

4. Yoyo Chrome

As we know, from the name chrome yoyo uses stainless material so it is not easily damaged like the plastic used by other yoyo id cards.

5. Yoyo Transparant

If you like a more elegant style, besides using the chrome yoyo id card you can use a transparent yoyo. Cheaper prices can be your consideration because the transparent yoyo uses transparent plastic material.

Yoyo ID Card General Specifications

The yoyo id card size and specifications are generally very simple and rare for companies to do custom yoyo id cards. We are ready to give ideas to the execution of making yoyo id cards for your company. The following general specifications of Yoyo ID Card:

> Round size 3 cm in diameter

> Plastic and stainless material

> There are several kinds of colors (yellow, red, green, blue, silver etc.)

> Customized logo as desired by the user

> Click clear plastic

> Rope / thread puller 50 cm long

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