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Why You Need a Print Case ID ?
ID CARD is a card that must be held by every employee in a company. In order for your ID CARD to be protected and not easily damaged, of course, it requires a good case to protect your ID card properly. We provide various kinds of ID CARD cases ranging from acrylic, plastic, single rubber and double rubber.

Some Advantages of Case ID :
- As a Promotion and Information Media
- Has a Size that is Suitable for Your Office Uniform Accessories
- Efficient as a Cheap and Cheap Communication Media
- Easy to Personalize

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Ordering a Print Case ID can be done online from anywhere and at any time. Order and design your Case ID as desired.
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You can make a Print Case ID payment with many options, either through bank transfers or credit cards. Choose as you wish.
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After the Case ID has been produced, the item will reach you quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

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Use of Card Holder

Having an ID card is an obligation for someone who needs an identity card to carry out their daily activities. An identity card or abbreviated as an id card is a sheet that contains the identity of the user name, photo, position, and other information. The card has a function as identification.

ID Card comes with various types such as resident cards, driving licenses, and other membership cards. To ensure the security of this card, someone will usually store the id card in an ID card place.

There are various types of ID cards that can be found in everyday life, such as wallet ID cards or ID card holders made of plastic, acrylic, or rubber types. Of the three types, the case id card is the choice of products that have many varieties, designs, and motifs.

Here's the explanation :

ID Card Holder Akrilik

A clear / transparent id card casing is one of the variants of the casing ID that is used to store ID card cards that are hung on a lanyard or yoyo id card.

Model CARD Acrylic holder has many advantages, namely: Transparent acrylic material looks luxurious and premium, the casing can be for 2 ID cards, simple models and make the user id card your employees appear more professional.

Description of Id Card Casing with clear acrylic material capacity for 2 ID card cards Size 5.5cm x 8.8cm.

ID Card Holder Plastic

The id card / card holder casing is one of the variants of the casing id card model that we sell where this model contains 1 id card and is made of plastic which has many color choices.

Standard Casing Id Card Specifications 1 side with PVC plastic material, Size 5.5cm x 8.8cm, with a capacity of 1 card with a choice of red, green, blue, white etc..

ID Card Holder Rubber

This rubber id card casing is also one of the variants of the casing ID card that is used to store more than one ID card. For example, with 2 ID cards at the same time on one ID card holder.

In addition to the material that is flexible because it is made of rubber, making this id card holder more durable.

Sample ID Card Holder Size

The size of various ID cards makes the accessories also have to adjust. The choice of card holders with various sizes that we offer is easy for you to complete your identity card.

If indeed now or maybe in the future you intend to order the following ID card, there is a choice of available sizes according to ID card size.

  • ID card holder size 6 x 9 cm - for ID cards measuring 5.8 x 8.6 cm
  • ID card holder size 8.5 x 13.5 - for ID cards measuring 8.1 x 11.2 cm
  • ID card holder size 10 x 14 cm – for ID cards measuring 9,5 x 12,9 cm
  • ID card holder size 10 x 16 cm – for ID cards measuring 9,7 x 13,7 cm

Now you know what kind of ID Card Holder size is suitable for your company or business. We will complete your office needs with other products.

That is the information that we can convey, hopefully it is useful.

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