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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online ID Card, as the name implies id card serves as a tool to introduce yourself made of pvc material.

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Identification cards, as the name implies ID cards serve as a tool to introduce themselves made of PVC material. We serve printing various kinds of plastic card needs including member cards, ID cards or identity cards, student cards, student cards, attendance cards, parking cards, magnetic hotel key cards or cards, smart cards: Proximity card RFID cards etc.

Some of the advantages of PVC ID cards :
- Free Color Design, Bright and Durable
- Large Production Capacity, and Fast Production
- Access Your Office Entrance
- Not easily broken

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Know What ID Card Are Made From PVC

ID cards or identity cards in Indonesia are documents in the form of identity cards issued by the government as identifiers for citizens made electronically, in the sense that both physically and in use they function in a computerized manner. This electronic identity card usually has a format like a normal bank card, with identity information printed on the surface of the card (such as personal information and photos) accompanied by a microchip attached to the surface.

The ID card or identity card that we will discuss here is using PVC material. Like the KTP, many cards use PVC material that we often encounter in everyday life. For example SIM cards, ATMs, Student Cards, BPJS etc. Not made from ordinary paper that you might have experienced when you were a student. Only use paper material with self-description and laminated to keep it dirty.

Of course you have had the type of card that is like that student card. Storing in the wallet becomes uncomfortable because of its enlarged size after laminating. It's really impractical and makes your identity card easily damaged. For that reason, ID cards made from PVC are the solution and most often we encounter in this digital era.

Id Card Printing Machine

In Print PVC cards usually use high resolution printers. The most frequently used are A4 high-resolution printers using pigment ink with the following conditions :

> Print Speed :

  • 15ppm (color)
  • 33ppm (mono)
  • (Photo 4×6) 69 sec (With Border)

> Print Resolution :

  • 5760 x 1440 dpi (Variable-Sized Droplet Technology)

> Ink Type :

  • 4-color
  • 180 nozzles Black
  • 59 nozzles each colour

> Paper Handling :

  • Input 100 sheets / Output 30 sheets.

> Paper Size :

  • A4, A5, A6, B5
  • 10 x 15cm, 13 x 18cm,
  • 9 x 13cm, Letter, Legal,
  • Envelopes: (4.125 x 9.5″),
  • DL (110 x 220mm)
  • 215.9 x 1117.6mm

> Interface :

  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Then added with a lamination machine that supports printing PVC cards. This Lamination machine is a type of standard lamination machine using two temperatures, namely hot and cold.

Next are the specifications :

  • Speed 650 mm/min
  • Width ≤330 mm
  • Thickness ≤1 mm
  • Temperature 100-160°C,
  • Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
  • Power 560W
  • Size 500x200x110mm Weight 8kg

By using a printing machine and lamination such as the description above, the quality produced will be better. When printed using a low-resolution printer of course the text is not clear, blurred and cannot even be read. The design of the photo will also look blurry and also rough lines. For this reason, a printer with a very high resolution is needed so that the printouts are clear and not rough.

Design of PVC ID cards

Id cards are printed on one side or two sides depending on needs. On the front side usually contains main information such as name, member number, photo and company logo or agency. The Id Card card design on the back generally contains supporting information such as company, school and college regulations. On this page also contains the address and telephone number so that if the ID Card is dropped and found.

Someone who finds it will easily return the card. On a member store card or discount card, the terms and conditions that apply apply to get a discount at the store and also a validity period.

On certain cards there are usually only numbers and names such as on a hospital patient card, a patient card at a health center or a health clinic. In addition, there are also discount cards and member cards from stores or supermarkets.

Because only numbers and names are the most important information for accessing data in a store or hospital database.

In part numbers are usually replaced or even added to code to make it easier to access the database. The reason is, because only by using a barcode scanner someone's database can be displayed immediately. Without having to type the number of the card holder because it will take time.

Size of PVC ID cards

The card size of the ID card is 55 mm for height or width and 86 for length like SIM and also ID card. But the design size is 57 × 88 mm for the cut area so that later when cut with a plastic id card the machine can fit and there does not appear to be white or color from the Id Card material which is also cut due to missed during the cutting process. For this reason an additional design size of several millimeters is given.

The thickness of this card starts from 0.5 mm to 0.97 mm depending on the material used. If you use instant id card material or a standard that is widely circulated in the market 0.76 mm and also 0.97 mm. For the size of 0.5 mm, it is usually used for business cards only because of their thin size like cartoonama.

But it can also be used for member cards and even employee cards that will be worn with additional card holder accessories or casing ID cards so they don't look thin.

For the size of the id card the average is all the same and standard because the size of the plunger machine or the id card cutting tool is made the same by the factory. But if there is a difference it is only a few millimeters. This is because of the different manufacturers.

In addition to the id card, there is also an embossing machine that is made standard and cannot be used if the ID card is bigger and smaller. Oh yeah, the emboss id card is a machine used to make embossed letters like on a credit card.

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