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Why Do You Need to Print Human Standing ?
Human Standing is a billboard that has the shape and size of a human. Usually made of PVC foamboard and Latex Sticker from S Vinys. And usually placed near the entrance as a welcome greeting to visitors.

Some Human Standing Advantages :
- For Your Business Branding Awareness
- Easy To Personalize
- Your Media Promotion
- Become a Unique Display for Your Office

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Other Human Standing Options

Standing Banner Human-sized = Human Standee

Have you ever noticed while walking in the Mall with your family, or when you are going to the Bank, and see there is a picture the size of a person that is made as closely as possible to the original, with smooth cuts on the edges ...? and has a consistent form from one unit to another.

You can place it in front of the Shop, Outlet, Bank, in the Exhibition Booth and anywhere you want. Various desired shapes and pieces can be done with machines with the latest technology that we have.

So for mold needs using a variety of materials such as materials: PVC Board, Impraboard, Corrugated Paper, Rigid Paper Board, even Multiplex Melaminto, etc. is not a problem anymore.

Material for printing human standee

or a human-sized standing banner usually consists of 4 basic ingredients below :

1. PVC Board (FOREX Board, Sintra Board, Rigid Foamed Board, PVC Sheet, PVC Foam Board)

2. Impraboard /PP Board / Coroplast

3. Corrugated Paper, Rigid Paper Board, D-Board, ReBoard

4. Foam Board, Papa Board, Kappa Board

Here's the details :


Using the Import PVC Board directly from Korea. The PVC Board is also known as the Forex Board, Sintra Board, and several other names, which are generally brands of PVC Board manufacturers.

PVC board material is a smooth and rather hard material. good enough for long time use. Molds using PVC boards can be printed directly using our UV Flatbed Printer - Fuji Film Inca Onset X2, or you can use stickers.


Impraboard / PP Board is corrugated / corrugated material made of PP (Polypropilene) material - Wavy like a cardboard but made of a kind of plastic material.

It is a favorite ingredient that is very much used for making standee because the material is quite light but has a fairly good durability / strength. generally the thickness of the material used for the standee is 5mm and uses a white base impraboard. If there is a request for the use of certain basic colors we can fulfill certain quantities.


One of the most economical materials used for standee, both cut out standee, standee cinema, and floor standee, are corrugated paper or cardboard. The material we use is double wall corrugated paper.


Foamcore Foamboard is a form material in the bottom layer and the top is coated using paper duplex material.

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