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Cetak Online dan Percetakan Online dan Percetakan Online

Before you order on the PrintYuk website, you must login / have a PrintYuk account first. 

For those of you who do not have a PrintYuk account, please click Register at the top right of the PrintYuk website. However, if you already have a PrintYuk account, you can simply click Sign in next to the List.

If you click Register to create a PrintYuk account, then Select the Section with the Create Account description. Fill in the Email field with your Email. Then click Create Account.

Fill in the First Name field with your first name, Last Name field with your last name, Email will be filled automatically with the email you entered in the previous email field, and fill in Password field with your password. Then click Register

Alternatively, you can also list using your facebook account. By clicking Sign in or Register with Facebook.

You will automatically connect with facebook. You can register with facebook by click Continuous as .... (Your Facebook username).

If you already have a PrintYuk account, you can click Login located at the top right of the website. Next fill in the Email Address field with your email, Password field with your password. And click Login.

In addition, you can also log in directly by clicking Sign in or Register with Facebook. Like above.

To search the product, you can fill in the name of the product you are looking for in the Search column, you can also search the product on the category menu in the green colored bar above the slider banner, as well as on the product page under the banner slider category.

Choose the product you want, on this page we give example to order Business Card product. Click Business Card.

Next, choose the size, materials, and refinement process of the business card you want. For example, to create a business card, use the size 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm click the icon 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm, with glossy paper 210 GSM click Glossy Paper 210 GSM. With the laminating enhancement process without Thouch click, angle business card point click corner corner, business card printed only on one side click full color one side.

Before you proceed to the next page to see prices according to different ways of delivery. Check first whether the size, materials, and refinement process in accordance with what you want or not in the column Your Selection Option. If it is what you want, click Delivery and Quantity.

The price of the product, adjusted to the shipping way that has been selected. In PrintYuk, there are 3 types of shipping, among others:

- Super Express Delivery, the delivery process is only 3 hours.
- Fast Delivery, ie delivery process within one day, on the same day.
- Normal Delivery, which is the delivery process in the next day.

For example on this page selected how to send Normal Delivery with Quantity business Card ordered 100 pieces, then the price earned Rp 22.000 ;. Before proceeding to the next page click the price we want, then click Artwork File. Artwork File is a file that we have prepared for our print.

If you already have Artwork files. Then select Upload Your Design, then click Browse From Your Computer.


Select the design file (Artwork) you already have from your device, click Open to open your file.


Once open, ready to print and confirm, click Confirm and Agree.


Then the following confirmation page appears, if it is correct to your liking, click Add To Cart. If not appropriate you can cancel the confirmation by clicking Back to Artwork.


After you click Add To Cart, it will display the Shopping Cart page (your shopping cart). On the shopping cart page, you can see your shopping amount, enter the voucher code, if you want to shop again, you can click menu button Shopping Again, and Click Payment Process to proceed to payment process.


For those of you who do not have Artwork file yet. Do not worry, PrintYuk also provides a variety of templates that you can use to design your Artwork.

To use the template provided by PrintYuk, select Browse Our Design.

The template page will appear as follows, choose one of the available templates, which you want.


You can change the existing description of the template, modify the template, add a picture to the template, etc.


If you have changed the description of the template to what you want. You can save and name the template you have changed. If you have agreed with the template that you have used and change it as your Artwork, then click Agree and Check Out.


Next you can add to your shopping cart by click Add To Card.


If you do not have a design file (Artwork) to design, want to design from scratch directly on the PrintYuk website, click Start With Your Design.


Next click Start with Blank Template.


And will display a page that you can use to design from scratch.


You can  save and give name your design (artwork). Click Agree and CheckOut to see your design (Artwork).


If your design (artwork) has been what you want, you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking Add to Chart.


On the Shopping Cart page, if you want to make a payment right away, you can click on Payment Process.


Complete your Address. Then click Save.


If your address and address for your submission are appropriate then click Payment Process.


Choose one of the shipping you want. In PrintYuk, you can choose delivery service such as JNE, Grab, and Etobee. Then click Process to checkout to go to the next page.

On the next page choose a payment method. You can choose by the midtrans method, by clicking Midtrans Logo Online Payment by Midtrans. Or by choosing a payment method using Mandiri by click Mandiri Paid Logo Pay by Mandiri Bank.


If you choose to use a payment method through Mandiri, the following Purchase Summary page will appear. If it is appropriate, click I Confirm My Order.


On the purchase confirmation page click View your Purchase History.


On the Purchase History page, you can also add a comment, fill in the comment field, then click Submit.


In making payments with Midtrans, you can choose the payment process by credit card or ATM Bank Transfer. If you use credit card payment process, you can click Credit Card. However, if you use a transfer from a bank ATM, you click ATM Bank Transfer.

If you choose to pay by Credit Card, the following page will appear. Fill in the Credit Card Number in the Card Number field, Credit Card Expiry in the applicable column up to, 3 Digits CVV Code in the CVV column. Then click KONFIRMASI PEMBAYARAN.

If you choose to transfer via ATM bank, the following page will appear. You can choose one of the banks such as Mandiri, Permata, or Other Bank.


Such as we choose to transfer via ATM Mandiri Bank, click Mandiri. Will appear next page. Then click SELESAI.


If your order is not in the Icons displayed on the website page. Then use the order through the manual order by click Click Here To Order Manually located under the icon - the product icon.


Page will appear as follows. Fill your name in the Name field, your email in the Email field, your phone number in the Phone field, your Delivery Address in the Delivery Address, the descriptions of your desired product in the Product Description field. Then click Browse Your Artwork File to upload the artwork file you already have.


Please select the file you want to print, then click Open.


Next will appear following page. Click Submit Order.


Then Will appear the following page, click OK. And You Will be contacted by Customer Service for confirmation of order, payment, etc.

On the Shopping Card page, you can enter the voucher code in the left voucher code column above the button again, then click Apply.


Then, you can see the discount on the voucher code. Click Payment Process to continue your payment processing.


Check the address you will use for your order delivery, click Payment Process to continue your payment processing.


Please choose a service for your order delivery, on this page is written Free for all shipping service, because the voucher code is also available free ongkir. Click Payment Process to continue your payment process.


At the Select Payment Method, you will be shown the cost details for your reservation at the same time discount discount and shipping cost. Then, continue by choosing your payment method to continue your payment processing.