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Why Do You Need Print Vouchers ?
A business, there are many different reasons and ways to distribute gift vouchers to customers. Vouchers can be distributed to customers, and can give a percentage discount on their first / next purchase, or can be exchanged for free items from a limited choice from your store. Vouchers can be a very powerful tool for customer acquisition.

Some Advantages of Vouchers :
- Give Gifts to Your Customers
- Easy To Personalize
- The price is Not Expensive
- The Right Print Media To Inform Your Promotion

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Voucher Functions and Materials

If you look at the functions and uses, obviously there will be a lot if described and written here. There are at least 3 types of things that can be obtained if you print a voucher that is :

Marketing Tools, Brand Image, Gift.

Want to know what is the detailed explanation about the function of the voucher for your company, let's read it below.

Voucher Functions

1. Marketing Tools

Many stores, malls, supermarkets, or startup businesses are looking for voucher printouts. Is it an online voucher printing or come directly to the location of the voucher print place. Printing vouchers clearly has its own benefits to be used as a marketing tool, or a media for promoting new businesses.

There are many marketing tools like brochures, business cards, banners, and so on. Likewise vouchers, do not underestimate the magic words in vouchers such as' Free ',' Limited ', Discount', etc., because everyone is happy with things that can benefit him.

With vouchers being used as marketing tools, at least a symbiotic mutualism process can occur, mutually beneficial to each other. The company is helped in the marketing department, while the consumer feels happy to receive 'advertising' from the company.

2. Brand Image

What is desired by an entrepreneur is that the business he develops can be well-known and liked by many audiences. So that brand image factors are very much considered by entrepreneurs, how to maintain the 'good name' of the company so that it is always embedded in the minds of consumers.

Kotler said Brand image is a set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a person has towards a brand. Therefore, consumer attitudes and actions towards a brand are largely determined by the brand's image.

3. Gift

Who doesn't like gifts? From kids to adults, it's certainly nice to have a gift. Giving gifts can vary, for small children, adolescents, adults, until parents certainly have their own characteristics.

Vouchers can be used as gifts for couples, friends' birthday gifts, and companies can combine between 3 points, namely Marketing, Brand Image, and Gifts by giving vouchers to customers.

Voucher Printing Material

Like a painting, printing vouchers certainly requires the right canvas to scratch the colors through an artist's brush intermediary. As with vouchers, commonly used materials are usually paper-type artpaper, ivory, HVS, BC, ICT cards. If you want to give a unique touch, you can use textured paper such as acacia paper, copenhagen, kraftliner, concorde, or linen paper.

Then what is the difference in paper for printing this voucher? the following explanation :

Art Paper

Art paper material is not suitable as a writing medium because the surface is slippery. Therefore, art paper is often used for promotional and small-sized prints, such as invitation cards or business cards. Popular grammar is used 85 gr, 100 gr, 115 gr, 120 gr, and 150 gr. Besides its weight, gramasi also affects the thickness of the art paper.

Art Carton

Art carton or tick card has properties similar to art paper, but the basic material is cardboard. In addition, art carton has a heavier gramasi so it is thicker than art paper. Popular Gramasi used 190 gr, 210 gr, 230 gr, 260 gr, 310 gr, 350 gr, and 400 gr.


Ivory has properties similar to art carton and art paper. But the color of ivory paper is more opaque and only one side has a slippery surface. Gramasi commonly used 210 gr, 230 gr, 250 gr, 310 gr, and 400 gr. This type of paper is very suitable for posters, agenda books and food product packaging such as paper tray or box kebab.


Concorde paper can be another alternative. Has gramasi 160 gr, 220 gr, 220 gr, and 250 gr. There are various colors and are generally sold per pack with 20 pieces. This paper type is suitable for business cards and booklets because it has a soft texture when held.

HVS Paper

HVS paper is the most famous type of paper and is very often used. White with a rather rough texture so it is very suitable for writing, printing documents or books, and other office needs. HVS paper sizes also vary, available in A4 to A0 sizes, F4 sizes, and Q4 sizes. Gramasi available on the market are 70gr, 80gr, and 100gr.

BC / BW / Manila Paper

Outside of art carton, BW paper is also a material commonly used for business cards, booklets or calendars. BW paper (blues white) has several names such as BC paper or manila paper. This type of paper has several colors with subtle textures on the surface. Popular Gramasi is used 160 gr, 220 gr, and 250 gr.

Acacia Paper

Acacia paper has a striped textured surface. There is a wide choice of colors and is usually used as an ingredient for making invitations, certificates, charter etc.

Copenhagen Paper

Copenhagen paper has a characteristic texture that is simple, the texture is a small straight line in the same direction. Straight line effects will appear when we create shading with a pencil. Many color choices, if you are interested in this paper, choose bright colors. I personally like the color of the cream, it is very suitable to use to draw black and white. Not suitable if you use to draw with colored pencils.

Kraft Liner

The naming of kraft liner paper refers to the process and raw materials used to produce the paper, namely the "kraft pulp" process. This paper is defined for paper that uses a minimum of 75% virgin pulp combined with paper fibers from recycled paper. This type of paper is widely produced in four-season countries because the source of raw material for this paper is only found in these countries. Paper raw materials from four seasons contain long fibers that depend on the type of plant, ranging from 4-7 mm. While plants from tropical countries produce long fibers ranging from only 2-3 mm.

This long fiber difference greatly affects the properties of the paper produced. In addition to producing paper with high bursting strength values, the use of long fibers also produces paper with strong attraction so that it does not break easily during the production process. This can increase the productivity of packaging production machines. Kraft liner paper that uses 100% virgin pulp can be used as packaging that can come in direct contact with food so that possible contamination of materials that can endanger health can be avoided.

Linen / Buffalo Paper

This type of paper is textured with various colors and is quite thick. Linen paper is very similar to buffalo paper, often considered the same type of paper. Common Gramasi in the market are 220gr and 250gr. Linen paper is often used to cover agenda, notes or books.

The most important thing to note is that the cost of printing a voucher can be expensive or cheap depending on the material used.

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