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Print Framed Canvas

Cheap Canvas Photo Printing Service + Quality Frame

Why You Need Print Framed Canvas?
Display photos printed from canvas fabric as photo print media combined with plain frames without any engravings that have a thickness of 3 cm.

Some of the advantages of Framed Canvas :
- Can Be Custom As You Wish
- Print Many or Unit
- Suitable For Gifts For People Close To

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Why Print Photo Canvas on PrintYuk.com

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Your Framed Canvas printing needs will be done professionally and quickly in just a matter of hours.
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Ordering Framed Canvas printing can be done online from anywhere and anytime. Order and design your Framed Canvas as desired.
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Printyuk.com is a trusted printing company for more than 30 years
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Various Payment Options
You can make a payment for a Framed Canvas with many choices, either through bank transfers or credit cards. Choose as you wish.
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Ease of Delivery
After the Framed Canvas has been produced, the item will reach you quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

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Express Your Creativity with Canvas Fabrics

What is a canvas?

Canvas is a white fabric and has large pores that are used as a medium for people to paint using thick oil paints to be able to produce sharp and attractive color combinations. In general, the canvas has a rectangular shape with or without frames.

What is a canvas photo?

Canvas photo is a photo printing that uses basic media in the form of cloth / canvas. With canvas photos you can get a different and unique solution to print photos of your beloved friends, friends, or family. Because of its uniqueness, many canvas photos are hunted by the surrounding community.

What are the photo effects if printed using a canvas?

Canvas which is actually made of fabric has an effect that will make the photo look more attractive than before. Each canvas has a different quality according to the price. World-class canvas such as Hahnemuehle is very neatly designed, capable of producing prints that have a more vibrant color, have a wide gamut range, smooth-looking gradations and durability that have been tested for up to 200 years.

Now the use of canvas as a photo print is widely used for room decoration, canvas photo printing (wedding or family photos) to reproduction of artwork (Giclee) for artists who want their work to be exhibited in the gallery.

What types of fabric are used for canvas?

Some types of fabric commonly used to make canvas are as follows:

  • Mori cloth

  • Spunbon cloth

  • Blacu cloth

  • Canvas cloth

Everything has advantages and disadvantages of each. However, in general, canvas fabric is made using canvas upholstery consisting of calcium composition, wood glue, cement (liquid optional), paint no drop / aquaproof (optional), and enough water.

Now, using a canvas, your photos that were previously normal on a smartphone or camera will look more attractive using the canvas. Because, PrintYuk presents the most quality canvas material in Indonesia and is balanced with very precise printing techniques.

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