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Cheap Flyer / Brochure Printing Services

How Important Is A Flyer / Brochure?
Flyers or leaflets have been used as marketing media for a long time, and still survive today. Because flyers are one of the cheap, effective marketing tools if they are well designed.

Some advantages of flyers / brochures:
- Cheap marketing tool
- Can be designed as creatively as possible
- Easy to carry and distribute
- Fast flyer printing process

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Fast work
The printing process of your cheap flyer will be done professionally and quickly in just a matter of hours.
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Online Ordering
The process of your cheap flyer printing services can be done online wherever and whenever. Order and design your flyer as you wish.
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Printyuk.com is a trusted printing company for more than 30 years
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Various Payment Options
You can make a print payment for your flyer with many choices, either by bank transfer or credit card. Choose the right one.
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Ease of Delivery
After the flyer has been produced, the items will reach you quickly and safely. Many shipping options that we provide.

How to Order Cheap Flyer Print Services at PrintYuk.com

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Search for Needs in PrintYuk
kirim desain flyer atau brosur anda
Send Design
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Completed, Items Sent!

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8 Important Secrets to Making a Flyer Become an Effective Marketing Weapon

Why do we still need to print flyers when the digital era is growing rapidly, is it still effective, or is it just a waste of money?

A lot of questions come when business people want to start using cheap brochure printing services in Jakarta. In fact a flyer is still used today in offline activities such as seminars, exhibitions, or the opening of a new business.

What function of print flyers ? To be given to the people who come to your place. So that they can find out your business quickly and concisely. You don't need to explain it one by one to every visitor who comes. If 1-10 people who come may be normal. But imagine that thousands of people come, are you able to speak the same thing to 1000 people consistently and quickly?

Approximately that is the general function of the flyer. Deliver information quickly, briefly, and consistently to many people. But how to make a flyer print that is able to convey all that? The key is how you design your flyer.

Here are the reasons: why cheap Print Flyers are still very functional for promotion "

We have also prepared interesting tips for creating a very effective Jakarta flyer printing design that is very effective

And here are the full tips:

Tips for Flyer Print Design that Can Increase Marketing

1. Selection of colors and images

The first thing you have to do is determine the color choices. Color is one of the main points that must be considered. Do not let you use too much color so that people who see it will be dizzy, before the information to be delivered can be read well.

For example, if there are 3 basic colors of your company logo, then use these three colors and combine them to produce a good flyer design . In order to look relevant, and synonymous with your brand.

If you want to use striking colors, it is only allowed for 1 sentence of selling, or the promotion that you are running. Example: "Free 200pcs, For Ordering Print Flyers in Printyuk"

2. Selection of words for the title

The title is the determinant, or the initial opening door for the decisive people will read your flyer until it runs out or throw it in the trash.

Make sure you choose what sentence will be the title. Don't just write general sentences. The title sentence must contain the superior promotional points of your business. For example "Cheapest Prices", "Free Shipping", "Complete Products", "The Only One in Indonesia", and others.

3. Type and size of letters

Try to select the same type of letters from top to bottom. Or if you want to use a different type of font, use only 2 types of letters, don't overdo it. Why? Because the uniformity of your flyer design can determine people's views of your business.

For size, it is strongly recommended to use the size of the letters that are not too large and not too small. To be easy to read, both near and from a distance. If the print of a cheap flyer is able to deliver messages only from a distance, that is an additional point for you.

4. Looks short and clear

Don't put too much unnecessary information into your flyer's design. Because it will make people lazy to read more. Finally it will hurt you because you have printed a large number of flyers.

So make sure before you print your cheap flyer, you have already thought about what information will be presented in your flyer design. Also make sure the information that will be included is clear, solid, and relevant to your business.

We have discussed it in full in our article entitled 9 Tips for Making Interesting Brochures and Examples

For example, you don't need to display your company profile in great detail in the flyer. It's enough since when your company stands and how many satisfied clients use your company's services.

5. Use symbols, symbols (if needed)

Don't let all the information contained in your flyer print be written. As a result your flyer will be in vain if everything is in writing because it won't be interesting to see.

If you want to put a lot of information into your cheap flyer print, consider using symbols or symbols to make them easier to understand and look good. And make it easier for people to understand what information will be conveyed by you.

6. Menentukan posisi informasi yang disajikan

Penempatan dalam sebuah desain flyer juga sangat menentukan. Jika Anda menempatkan poin utama di akhir flyer maka akan tidak banyak berguna juga. Karena orang tidak akan banyak terfokus dengan apa yang ingin disampaikan.

Usahakan beberapa poin penting berada di bagian tengah dari cetak flyer murah Anda. Contohnya kalimat “hubungi kami sekarang : 0829XXX” itu harus bisa terbaca dengan jelas, dan diposisikan di tengah. Gunanya agar orang tau bahwa mereka diharuskan menghubungi Anda untuk mendapatkan diskon special.

7. Know who the target audience is

Know who the target market will be. This is so that the selection of words and sentences that will be in the brochure design is in accordance with your target market. Avoid the sentences "slang" if your target market is parents, or vice versa. Avoid rigid sentences and too standard for the target market of young people.

The greeting word viewer also influences people's judgment on your business. For example the greeting "you", "you", "you", must be adjusted to the target market that you want to target as a client.

8. Pemeriksaan flyer secara keseluruhan

Have you finished entering 7 important points to design the flyer above? The next process you can do is check everything from top to bottom. Is your flyer print good to see, read, and the information that you want to convey can really be well received?

Also make sure there are no errors in writing, because small errors can be fatal to your business reputation.

Well, you already have the key to success in making your cheap Jakarta flyer print design a reliable marketing weapon. Don't forget to look for flyer printing services in Jakarta that can produce quality flyers. For example, it has been printed for 30 years experienced in printing. Congratulations on designing flyers !!

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