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Why Need a desk Calendar for Promotion?
Desk calendar is one of the most effective promotional media, this is because the installed calendar will be almost seen every day, so the possibility of your customers to remember the products you offer is very large.

Some advantages of desk calendar:
- Must be used
- It's never lost to times
- Attracted by many people
- Being an effective and useful promotional media

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The advantages of Print desk Calendar as a Promotional Media You Must Know

Like it or not, the calendar has a lot of influence on our lives, it can even be said throughout our lives we will always depend on the calendar. Starting from the date of birth, the date of marriage, to the relationship of work such as meeting schedules and others.

Calendar functions vary, the most common being to indicate a particular event on the day, month and year. Like the commemoration of hero day, commemoration of world labor day, and many more. The calendar function can also expand into your reminder of the activities you schedule, for example Monday is your time for meetings, Tuesday you have lessons, and many other activities.

Some people prefer to use many calendars to manage personal and professional activities, so that they can make the best use of their time.

desk Calendar as a Promotion Media

There are several types of calendars, one of which is a desk calendar. As the name suggests, a desk calendar is a calendar that can be erected not to be taped to the wall. Usually this calendar is set up or placed on a desk, so it is called a desk calendar or there are also people who know it with a sitting calendar.

Why can a desk calendar be more useful when compared to other promotional media? let's discuss further :

A very useful promotional media

Giving souvenirs is something that is usually done for promotion, but if you give souvenir items that are useful to others it is a different thing. Everyone uses a calendar, and most people have at least one desk calendar design at home.

And we are sure, most of the calendars you use are promotional tools / media from one brand / company. Because people rarely buy a calendar directly, most of them are gifts or free souvenirs. Therefore the desk calendar is one of the most useful but efficient ways to build branding.

A souvenir or promotional item that is truly useful and used by someone else will help indirect positive relationship with your brand. The desk calendar is used and viewed every day, whether it's just to know what date it is, or what warning. And every time people see a calendar indirectly they will also see your brand, it is not impossible they will also think and find out about your brand.

When you are first given a desk calendar, maybe that person has no need for your brand. But if in certain months they have a need for your brand, and happen to be right when they are also looking at a desk calendar that reads your brand. Then your desk calendar will be an indirect reminder of your brand.

Compare this with flyer or printed brochures which, even if taken home, can be put into a drawer and forgotten, even more will be thrown away. Many Desk Calendar Print Services now also provides an opportunity for you to design your own promotional calendar needs that you want.

Longer Benefit Period

If you give another person a promotional flyer, maybe they will take it home. But the possibility of the flyer being displayed and used for a long time is very small. Most likely the flyer will end up in the trash, in just a short time. But a desk calendar won't end that tragically.

A desk calendar has a longer benefit, 12 months is a useful time that a calendar has. Imagine, your brand will always be on someone else's desk for 12 months, that is a long period for a promotion. And of course it will be an effective media campaign too.

Desk Calendar can be designed Multifunction

Desk calendar designs can be made in various ways. The more calendar design is made interesting, it is made useful so the possibility of your desk calendar being used will be even greater.

For example, a calendar is also designed as a pencil case? Surely the desk calendar will be on the desk. Not only useful but also multi-function, the more happy and memorable people are, the more likely your business will be remembered.

Or you also try to design your desk calendar with images that are inspiring, pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the eye. That way, your calendar is not only useful but also helps refresh the eyes of others.

Price of Print Desk Calendar

After you read about the importance of promotion using a desk calendar, the next question is what is the price of a desk calendar? And what is the cost of making a unique desk calendar ?

Usually the calculation of the table calendar price is calculated according to the number of pages. And how many designs of images are inserted into your desk calendar. But if you print a desk calendar on printyuk.com, the prices obtained are also very cheap, you can get 10 custom table calendars for only Rp.390,000, including shipping costs..


Table calendars are seen regularly and remain in visual reach for a long time. You can design a special 2019 desk calendar to list a series of events or dates that your audience thinks will be useful and used regularly. If you design a desk calendar creatively and multifunctionally, it will increase the conversion ratio because the items you provide are very useful.

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