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Clutches are used to carry lipstick, make up and a little money. This bag is part of formal clothing which generally does not have a strap because it is intended to be held.

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Other Clutches Options

#YukKenalan Clutch atau Hand Bag

Among the various genuine leather bags popular among young people, one of the more popular ones is leather clutch bags. The clutch model was invented and popularized in the 1920s when many celebrities began to choose to hold their luggage in their hands, without straps or straps disturbing or covering their clothes that they wanted to highlight.

It used to be that the clutch model is considered a classy choice, but now there are many designs of clutch bags or casual leather pouches, and can be worn all day long, because they are practical, small, and minimalist to carry around.

Type of Trendy and Fashionable Women's Clutchs

There are various models of women's hand bags that you can find on the market, such as: Women's hand bags in charming design. Has a spacious compartment that is capable of loading quite a lot of stuff.

Made of the best PU leather in its class with relatively large dimensions and soft surface so it is suitable for daily activities. Clutch handbag from satin with diamond embellishments.

This American and European style bag has magnetic buttons as a cover to keep the luggage inside. It is suitable for attending formal events. Material to choose from:

1. Drill Premium

> 100% polyester dengan finishing twill (serat melintang) dan permukaan halus

> Area bersih untuk diprint: 145 cm (gunakan lebar ini untuk layout cetak 150 cm)

> Estimasi penyusutan : 3.5% - 5%

Usually used as uniform material, material pants, official shirts, home decor like curtains, table runners, bed runners, cushion. Popular also for crafting like making totebags, decorative pillows, wallets.

When printed and used as bag material gives the impression of cotton. This drill is also suitable for detailed paintings / patterns because the fibers are smaller than ordinary drill.

2. Satin Duchess

> 100% polyester dengan tekstur halus dan shiny

> Lebar area bersih untuk diprint: 148cm

> Estimasi penyusutan : 2-3%

Often used for Party Dress, Wedding Gown, Cushion, Curtain, Bed Cover, Interior Application, Couture / Ballroom Dress, Elegant Pouch / Bags.

Tips for Choosing a Women's Handbags

Want to look fashionable with a women's hand bag? Here are tips that you can pay attention to. Don't be afraid to play colors, Usually some women will match the color of the bag with clothes to fit. Actually this is legitimate, but it is considered boring because the overall appearance looks innocent. There is nothing wrong if you play with colors to make the appearance more attractive and elegant.

Adjust the texture and clothing material. The texture of the bag is of course different, as well as clothing. If you want the appearance to look matching, you should adjust between the texture of the bag and clothes.

Pay attention to the size, generally small handheld bags because they are designed to make it easier for you to move and carry certain items. However, it never hurts to choose a bigger bag to suit your needs. Price and quality.

If you visit an online site, there are lots of cheap women's hand bags, both local and imported brands. Price is certainly one of the factors that you need to consider in choosing a bag. Remember, prices determine quality.

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