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Why Do You Need Print Cards?
Business cards are not just an identification, business cards have become one of the effective and efficient marketing media in business.

Some advantages of business cards :

- Simple and Easy To Carry
- Show That You Are a Professional
- Grow Client Trust
- Easy To Distribute
- The Most Effective Marketing Tool

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You can make business card printing payments with many choices, either by bank transfer or credit card. Choose according to your wishes.
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Use of Printing Business Cards for Your Business

Even though we have entered the digital era, it doesn't necessarily change all the habits that have long been done. And it is proven that the old method is still very effective to date.

One of them is the need for business name card printing. Yup, long before the function of business cards like now, the history of business cards began in the 15th century (1401 BC– 1500 BC) in China. Chinese used to use cards or ‘Meishi’ for special invitations. And the card design is only written in calligraphy on paper.

It was only in the 17th century (1601 BC– 1700 BC) in Europe introduces a ‘trading card’ where the card is used for the direction of a particular sword's location. Materials used also use wood.

Now, at first glance we already know about the history of business cards. From this history, it has also been seen that the function of the business card is for Business.

Still not sure, why do you have to make business cards in this digital age ?

Here's the reason :

Become a means to easily exchange information

Indeed, in the digital era, currently exchanging information can run very easily. But the essence and function of business cards remains irreplaceable. With its small and easy to carry shape, the name card is the main weapon for exchanging information.

Can give a professional impression

It is undeniable that usually the people who have business cards are someone who is professional. If you work in a field that meets clients a lot, creating a personal business card is a must.

By printing your own business card, that means you have indeed prepared a weapon to exchange information when you want to meet with clients. Do not let after meeting with clients, you do not leave any information to the client.

Reliable promotional media

Indirectly, the function of business cards can also develop into a reliable promotional media. With a unique business card design, information, and company logos that steal the attention. Your company business card has indirectly become a good promotional media! Especially if there is a discount code on the business card.

As a bridge to build connections

Do you believe that business cards from business friends can be stored for a long time. Even for years. Therefore, although the price of business card printing is not too expensive, it becomes or has a function and is a means of building reliable connections.

That is how some of the business card functions you need to know, it still proves effective and able to sustain the promotion of your company, right?

After you know that business cards are very functional, now it's time we give tips for those of you who want to make business cards to make it more attractive.

1. Make it Simple But Interesting

Many mistakes that often occur when making business cards are the lack of attention to the design of the business card. So the points to be conveyed are not conveyed properly.

Give more attention to your business card design, you must have confidence if the business name card that you share will become a business potential in the future. Choose background colors and writing colors that are harmoniously supportive so that they are easy to see.

2. Putting Clear Information

After you determine the blend of design colors from your name card, now is the time to determine what information you want to be in your name card. Don't add too much information. Because it will make clients who see your business name card confused.

Some things can be included, among others, your name or company name, product or service offered, address of the place of business and telephone numbers both mobile and office. Don't forget to include your email address and website if you have one.

One that you like to miss when you print a business card is the design on the back side. Not a few of the business card owners who left the back side empty. Even though your business name card can take advantage of this back side more, like adding some photos of your company's products.

In addition to the information that more prospective customers get, as a businessman you have also taken advantage of every inch of opportunity available.

So some ways to make your business card more useful, or in other words, make your business card design more than usual.

After the results of your business name card design are complete, now it's time to entrust the business card printing service with Printyuk.com which has been in the printing field for more than 30 years. The process is also fast, many payment options, and many choices for shipping too.

Many choices of business card materials that you can choose at printyuk.com, including:

  • 210 Gsm
  • 230 Gsm
  • 260 Gsm
  • 310 Gsm

In addition to a large selection of business card materials, printyuk.com also provides many laminating options for your card.

Glossy : With this laminating option, your company's business card will look shiny and last longer. Suitable for service companies, and design.

Doff : With this type of laminating option your business name card will look elegant and not easily damaged, suitable for advocacy services or art companies.

There are also several choices of business name cards that you can use, namely :

  • - Plastic business card
  • - Transparent business card

Such are some brief explanations, why do you have to print business cards even in today's digital era.


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