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Why Do You Need a Banner for Marketing?
Marketing does not always have to be expensive, one way is to print a banner. Especially if your banner is equipped with marketing words that can appeal to the client's eyes.

Some advantages of the banner :
- Cheap printing costs
- Large print field, easy to recognize
- Can be placed indoor or outdoor
- Quality marketing media

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Reasons Why You Need Promotions Through Banners / Banners

Definition of banners or banners

Banners, certainly many of you often hear the word banner or banner right? But do you know what banners or banners are ? for what function ?

We find many banners in various places, ranging from food banners in restaurants, product banners on the streets, even salons that have banners. Why are so many people using banners. Before we discuss further, it's a good idea to understand what it is banner.

What is a banner?

Banner is one of the media for promotion that is printed using Print Digital which are generally portrait or vertical. Banner is a form of simplification from Billboards.

We often find banners at the Cassette Shop, a product event, a bank, a mall, and shops, from selling food to salons almost all have banners.

Banner function

As mentioned earlier, many companies or individuals print banners for promotional needs, both their products, events, and just branding.

But there are not a few who print good banners to give appeals, such as keeping the city clean and others. Banners whose function is to provide appeals are usually printed by government agencies.

Types of banners

1. X-Banner

Named X-banner not without reason, because this banner uses 2 X-shaped pillars to keep it standing. Usually this pole is made of lightweight aluminum material, making it easier to carry.

On printyuk.com you can print x-banner with prices starting from Rp. 36,000

2. Y-Banner

Actually this type of banner printing is the same as X-banner, the difference is the shape of the frame that supports the banner. If the supporting X-banner is X. Y-banner has a Y-shaped support pole.

Materially supporting the banner, Y-banner includes those with a stronger pole and better than X-banner.

The y-banner printing price on printyuk.com is very cheap, prices start at Rp. 87,000

Banner Printing Tips

There are many ways to produce good banner printing, one of which is an attractive design. But in making a banner design there are also some important things that you can't miss.

The following tips :

#1 Place the Logo at the Top

Logo, is the identity of a brand and brand, usually everything placed at the top is an important element of a design.

#2 Use the Most Interesting Title Eyes

Like a logo, the title is the most important element! In banner design, make the title of a main teaser. Once people see your banner design the person will stop and read further. Or, remember the word continuously.

#3 Use High Resolution Images

Want to tie people's attention how come the picture breaks? Do not let this happen if you want to print banners with good quality and results

#4 Colors must be attractive and appropriate

We don't forbid you to use as many colors and as much as you like. However, to remember the eye the right combination is needed. And make sure, the color identity used is not much different from your logo.

Want to know more? You can read more complete tips for making interesting banner designs in our article: Tips for Making a Cool Banner Design for Promotions to Look More Attractive and Selling

Material that can be selected makes a banner

Making a banner or banner is like an investment in marketing, because printing banners can last a long time. The durability of a banner print depends on the type of material used, to make a good banner there are several choices of materials that you can use. among others :

Flexi China Banner Material

This type of banner printing material is smooth, and thin. Although the same materials can be used to make banners, billboards, banners, x-banners, roll up bannets, y-banners, etc. What is certain is that the durability of this material is not very good. Although this Flexi China material can also be used for outdoor purposes, we do not recommend using it for outdoor purposes.

Flexi Korean Banner Printing Material

Iya bahan flexi Korea ini terbilang berada di posisi tengah, di posisi antara Flexi China dan Flexi Jerman. Bahannya memiliki tekstur yang lembut, dan juga sedikit lebih tebal jika dibandingkan dengan bahan Flexi China. Bahan fleci korea ini juga sama, bisa digunakan sebagai bahan pembuatan spanduk. Buat kami bahan Flexi Korea sudah cukup kuat jika ingin digunakan di outdoor.

Flexi German Banner Printing Material

All motorized vehicles such as cars and motorbikes if made in Europe are definitely strong. Moreover, this banner material. Yup really, this material has a character with a rough surface, but smooth, and has a very thick material thickness compared to both. For this reason, banners or banners that use Flexi German material are very suitable for outdoor use.

Now that you know, how to make banners that can attract the attention of prospective clients. What are banners or banners, what materials are used to print quality banners.

Now, we just have to find a partner who can print and make cheap and high quality banners, so just on Printyuk.com is the place. It has been more than 30 years serving the manufacture of all types of printing.

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